“I have sex”

by f

Sometimes, all it takes is that simple admission: “I have sex.”

Our government is afraid of our sex lives. Given their way, the Right and the majority of our current Congress would deny our right to fuck.

According to our current government, sex outside marriage and procreation is a sin. Birth control is a sin. Abortion is murder. Any steps taken towards making having sex healthier and safer is a sin. And as America’s number one provider of reproductive health services, Planned Parenthood will bear the brunt of these hurtful ideological attacks. Tens of thousands of women (and men) who have relied on their reproductive health services will suffer.

If there is one thing that we’ve learned from the previous election cycle, it is that our votes matter. Our rights as individuals and citizens are being taken away. Congress has already come for our reproductive freedoms. Now they will come for our right to vote and hold municipal elections.

It’s our time to push back. It’s our time to tell others that we are sexual beings. We do have sex. We can’t punish ourselves — and we can’t punish others — by allowing our government to enact an anti-human agenda.

One Comment to ““I have sex””

  1. Missouri is also attempting to make it impossible for citizen referendums to be handed down on anything remotely deemed “agricultural.” If it passes, it will be expanded, of course.

    The Right likes to often say that it is pro-small government. This is not true at all. They are pro-huge government. They want to get into the doctor’s office with us, between the doctor and ourselves, between ourselves and our very own decisions about our own lives and bodies, between ourselves and our uterus, they want to be inside of our VERY BEDROOMS. They want to tell us whom we should and should not be choosing for life partners. Or even short-term partners. They want to tell us when we’re allowed to have sex (only when you’re married!) and when we’re allowed to divorce (covenant marriage, anyone?). This is all far beyond big government into Big Brother territory. Their attempt to frame it as small government is ridiculous at best.

    Providing reproductive health care, including birth control and abortions, is necessary. It does not promote sex; people will have sex anyway. It promotes SAFE sex. INFORMED sex. There’s nothing worse than two people having unsafe and uninformed sex. That’s what causes unwanted pregnancies and STDs. That’s what causes abortions to even be needed in the first place. Being pro-reproductive health is not ONLY pro-choice. It is also pro-life, pro-freedom, pro-smaller government. It reduces the risk of contracting an STD. It reduces the risk of an unwanted pregnancy, and therefore also reduces the abortion rate. It is also pro-safety. Without safe options for abortion, these things will not just cease to happen. They will still happen. Just like they did the last time that abortions were illegal. But, we’ll just go back to the senseless and needless deaths of many women, a lot of whom are already mothers and wives, who try to do home abortions or who seek over-priced back-room/back-alley abortions from a provider who is not really good at what he/she is attempting to do.

    The Right doesn’t want us to have any privacy whatsoever, nor does the Right want us to make decisions for ourselves. No, of course not, we are too stupid to be able to do that. Too simple. What hogwash is this? But, that’s what they’re really saying. They’re just covering it up with a patronizing, “but its for your own good,” tone.

    There are still some people on the Right, however, who really are for small government. There was a vote in Wyoming not too long ago at all, which has the largest Republican majority of any US state. The vote was on gay marriage. The bill would ban gay marriage. This bill was struck DOWN, and the majority of Republicans who spoke out AGAINST the bill all basically had one thing to say. Telling people whom they can and cannot marry, whom they can and cannot love, whom they can and cannot make a life and family with, is BIG GOVERNMENT.

    And its true. It is. And so is trying to take away reproductive rights and freedoms from women.

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