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December 21, 2010

Dear Mr. Right,

by d
One more love ticket (Lovers Project)

Lovers Project at the Yohohama Landmark Tower SkyGarden. A huge heart made of love tickets put together by lovers.

How are you doing? How is your health? Are you meeting the goals you set for yourself or has life got you mired down, too?

I am well, for the most part.

This week has me thinking. My parents will have been married for 34 years come the weekend. That’s a helluva long time. They got married when they were younger than I am now, which is how they’ve achieved this amazing feat. I have no doubt they will make it to 50, which will be in the year 2026.

In the year 2026, I will be forty. In the next sixteen years, I want to find you, Mr. Right, settle ourselves somewhere we love, and have babies. (Not a lot of them, Just Enough. And maybe we’ll adopt, but I want one of my very own–one of you.) In 2016, our kids could be anywhere from preschool-ish (pleasegawdno) to preteens. It’ll be a great party, with all of us and my parents together.

You will love them, I promise. (My parents, not the babies. You’re obligated by biology to love the babies.) And they will love you. I couldn’t love a man who wouldn’t fit into our existing unit. So don’t worry, you’re going to love them and they will love you.

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August 26, 2010

A beautiful country house.

by f


a subrosa entry from july 10, 2007

I had a dream last night that I built a beautiful country house.

The windows are large and have pointed arches, like old Mughal tombs. As a matter of fact, the whole place is a stone fortress, protecting me from outside politics, from dust, from heat and from everything. A large window provides me with a very tantalizing glimpse of the outside, the outskirts of the village and the tops of brick huts as they gleam in the sunset.

The rooms inside are sometimes light airy, and sometimes cool and dark. They are filled only with air, but every now and then there is a beautiful piece of furniture: an apt chair, a rug that looks like it belongs. A double bed, the two mattresses joined at the hip. The site of battle or of peace.

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August 26, 2010

Think about the money, honey.

by d
23.365 - Money

via Flicker user gilmoth

Every week, I go to the allergist for shots, to beat down my body’s hyperactive response to things like pollen. The shots are working.

But this past week my health insurance hit its maximum limit. So now I have to pay $40 out of pocket, every week, until January. That’s multiple hours of work to pay for one treatment.

This happened last year, too. In fact, it happened insanely quickly. I started with this insurance in May, and I’d hit the limit before fall was over.

The state of medical insurance in the United States is a horrific mess. For me, it’s yet one more factor contributing to my negative cash flow.

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August 20, 2010

Techno-Generation Gap

by d
Image representing delicious as depicted in Cr...

Yes, but what IS that? //Image via CrunchBase

“What’s a bookmark?”

I cringe. I absolutely cringe. I try hard not to let it show on my face. The woman is older than my parents, it would be exceptional for her to be totally up to speed on these InterWebz of ours.

I cringe because this is a training conference, for software I need to learn to use. I’m having some issues with it, mainly because the logic is totally unlike any other system I’ve used. This frustrates me. On the other hand, I’m clearly on the far side of the universe from these people.

Many of them are in or approaching retirement. Many have been forced to retire early (aka laid off). We’re all here because we need this to work for us.

So, what’s a bookmark?

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August 3, 2010

Returning to Solitude, Age 24

by onelabrat

via Flickr user Fernando Ariotti


I realized that I have forgotten what it means to be alone.  And strangely enough, I have forgotten how to make a conversation with someone, without wanting to reach in and squeeze their intestines just to make sure they’re real.  This makes me feel creepy, which has led me to avoid people for the time being.

It has made parties and meeting new people extremely challenging. And it makes me feel extremely alone.

One time I was at a party and this woman was telling me about her non-profit something or other and she was very sweet and serious and said that she wanted to try something new but that you know, she needed a job and it was nice. I told her, “do you have any idea how replaceable you are?”  She didn’t seem to understand. “What do you mean, replaceable?”

I am like the gourmet eater who has turned to counting calories. I cannot seem to enjoy a single meal of conversation without analyzing its content, motivation, goals and after-effects. It is driving me crazy!  Do we all go through some phase like this, or am I just being ridiculously cynical and mental?

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