Send all questions to subt@gmail.com

Why do you only want writing from young women? Isn’t that sexist?

Yeah, it kind of is. We are excluding men from this forum for a number of reasons, most significantly: we don’t know any men who would want to participate. That said, if you are a man, or know of men who want to start a similar project, we will do our best to help you get off the ground.

Those Gratuitous Man Pics are sexist! You’re reducing them to objects, you hypocrites!

Turn about is fair play.

We really, really like men. We are not ashamed of this. In fact, we want to celebrate it. (And, yes, we have girl-crushes, too. They will indeed make an appearance.)

You seem to have a really liberal bent around here. Are you serious about wanting all opinions?

Hell yes, we are! Yes, f and d are very left-wing, but we didn’t start this thing to rail against the right. We have seen a hole in the conversation of women, all women, and we want to throw a rope across the chasm. Don’t assume we have no sympathy for those whose opinions differ from us. Send us your thoughts, and if it’s publish-worthy, we will publish it.

I think you rejected my submission because of your personal biases!

Oops? This is another reason we want to invite more editors to join us. Should we run into this sort of situation, we will talk with you about it. We will outline our reasons for rejecting your piece, and we will include ways we thought it could be improved. Each dispute will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Meanwhile, do please nominate someone whose views align with yours to help us as an editor/curator.

Send all questions to subt@gmail.com

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