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September 14, 2010

Unemployed? Just have a baby!

by d
Mosaic: Babies aren't cheap

Mosaic: Babies aren't cheap

This headline made me stop in my tracks: “Forget the Job Hunt. Have a Baby Instead.” I read on, not sure what to make of the argument within:

Hey, girls! Here’s an idea for what to do if you’re unemployed: Have a baby. Your first reaction is probably that this is a throwback to the 1950s. But it’s not. This is the most up-to-date career advice you’re going to get for dealing with a down-in-the-dumps job market.

Penelope Trunk wants you to know that having a baby is way better than the usual means of escapism (read: grad school), that you can avoid leaving a job to have a baby if you don’t have a job to leave, and that “The biological clock trumps career aspirations.” Her arguments are facile, necessarily brief for this short column. She says grad school isn’t worth it, there’s no wage gap anyway(!), and, really, the clock is ticking so you better get baby-making right now.

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August 4, 2010

Secret Life:

by d

Subterfuge chokes down two more episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Season three, episodes 8 (“The Sounds of Silence”) and 9 (“Chicken Little”).

Much like the show, this post is a giant dump of impetuousness. Read at your own peril.

For the first time in forever, Secret Life didn’t make me want to throw things. “The Sounds of Silence” had only one thing that annoyed me strongly enough for me to remember to write about it this week.

So, Adrian is having Ben’s baby. He accompanies her to her first OB/GYN appointment, with a doctor who specializes in teen pregnancies–this town must be putting something in the water.

“Wait, a male doctor?” Yes, Ben, a man will be taking care of all this. Ben’s mind sticks on this point, he makes a huge fuss about it.

The man who enters the room looks like this:

via ABCFamily

That’s the only remnant of the man I can find, which tells you something–no one cares. There’s nothing special about him, he looks like your average specialist, approaching middle age.

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December 12, 2009

Two Dingbats named Jaimee

by d

I hate to inflict this on anyone, but we need to talk about the Tiger Effing Woods scandal. We’re not going to talk about Woods himself. I really couldn’t give a flying fuck about him.

What I want to do is talk about the women.
First up, a real shocker from Jaimee Grubbs.
“To know, this whole time, two-and-a-half years… I thought that I could have been the only woman,” she goes on. “It hurts.”

You are never the only woman when he has a wife. You can never guarantee that you are the only other woman. It’s oxymoronic, with all that the bastardized non-term implies.

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December 9, 2009

Infidelity: Selfishness and Self-Flagellation

by d

Television has provided me with fodder today.

First up, Rachel Maddow got (justifiably) angry tonight. She interviewed Richard Cohen, a man who claims to have thought himself out of being gay and now uses pseudo-psychology to ‘help’ others do the same. This would be bad enough, but apparently Uganda is using his work to justify a new law that will allow them to execute homosexuals. Serious WTF moment, Uganda!

The interview is interesting for a number of reasons:

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