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August 3, 2010

Returning to Solitude, Age 24

by onelabrat

via Flickr user Fernando Ariotti


I realized that I have forgotten what it means to be alone.  And strangely enough, I have forgotten how to make a conversation with someone, without wanting to reach in and squeeze their intestines just to make sure they’re real.  This makes me feel creepy, which has led me to avoid people for the time being.

It has made parties and meeting new people extremely challenging. And it makes me feel extremely alone.

One time I was at a party and this woman was telling me about her non-profit something or other and she was very sweet and serious and said that she wanted to try something new but that you know, she needed a job and it was nice. I told her, “do you have any idea how replaceable you are?”  She didn’t seem to understand. “What do you mean, replaceable?”

I am like the gourmet eater who has turned to counting calories. I cannot seem to enjoy a single meal of conversation without analyzing its content, motivation, goals and after-effects. It is driving me crazy!  Do we all go through some phase like this, or am I just being ridiculously cynical and mental?

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August 1, 2010

When I think my love life sucks,

by onelabrat

via Flickr user ittybittiesforyou

I post on, and then I read other posts on

And instantly feel so good that I didn’t waste my life in a 10-yr marriage with some idiot where I bore two of his kids and supported him, to top it off.

Those people inspire me – they are strong for their desire to get on with their lives, they are strong for posting and sharing their pain and they are strong for asking for help. My best condolences and wishes go to them.

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