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January 21, 2011

Femme Funnies: Your bosoms or your boss?

by d

fuck this shit.

January 3, 2011

A Heroine of Another Weight

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Desire Me (detail)It seems romance writers are more progressive than modelling agencies.

Sarah at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books has just posted an entry about the changes in physical descriptions of heroines in romance novels over time.

My first encounters with female beauty in books was, as @joyabella noted when I asked this question on Twitter, the Wakefield twins. So many women found their gateway to romance in Sweet Valley High, and that gateway came with the constantly repeated and thus unfortunately inculcated reference to the “perfect size six figure.”

First, let me say on behalf of every woman with breasts and a backside: Fuck you and your six.

(Have I mentioned that I ADORE the Smart Bitches? Because I do, oh so much.)

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December 15, 2010

Interview: Alissa Jo Rindels, Part 2

by subterfusex

As we brainstormed questions for Alissa’s interview, both of us wanted to address the inspired quality we found in Alissa’s art. We found traces of this inspiration everywhere, from the elegant Grecian forms of her Greek gods and goddesses series, to other complex mythological characters.

Alissa wrote us insightful  — and often surprising — answers to these questions, and we are happy to share them with you in our second installment.

Where do you get your inspiration? Who are your muses?

As a kid, I read a lot of comic books, watched a lot of anime, and I surround myself with Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino films. I also read A LOT, see a lot of movies and am an iTunes junkie. I constantly surf the net, admiring other artists’ work. I really just look for inspiration anywhere and everywhere I can get it.

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December 12, 2010

Rub a dub dub.

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courtesy of : Adolphe Marie Timothée Beaufrère

Femmes au Tub (Women Bathing)

December 10, 2010

Women in Aprons (via An Attitude Adjustment)

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Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich

She mentions grilled cheese, so Zemanta insists we have a picture of some. that ham? Image via Wikipedia

Over at An Attitude Adjustment, Staying At Home For Now mom Jana feels like a kindred spirit. She’s an English teacher, but layoffs coincided with the birth of her second child so she’s decided to make the most of it. While she cherishes the opportunity to spend time with her young children, she also feels the need for something more than that. The blog is her outlet. As she says, this period in her life won’t last forever, but she’s in it now and she’s going to take advantage of it.

Her latest post has been recognized by the WP selection staff. The title caught my eye: Women in Aprons.

Jana points out that cooking is In. Everyone’s going organic, everyone wants to be healthier and feed their families good food. She’s all for that. What she objects to is the insidious implication that women are failing in their ‘roles.’ Everything is directed at women, not men.

This post made the Freshly Pressed board for a reason.

Women in Aprons There’s a food revolution going on. You may have noticed. Books about eating organic food abound the shelves of your local bookstore. Writers of those books appear on countless talk-shows. High-fructose corn syrup has become a term synonymous with devil. And I am one of those foodies. Sort of. While I ate only grilled cheese sandwiches for the second five years of my life (and still grew), I now like things like brussels sprouts, green beans, and … Read More

via An Attitude Adjustment

December 6, 2010

Assignment Desk for December

by subterfusex

It’s been a while since I put up one of these, but the time has come. I don’t have time to tackle all these and they deserve attention.

1) Bristol Palin‘s run on Dancing With the Stars. First, we wondered who the hell nominated her. Then it was her body and her dancing. Then people accused the Tea Party of rigging the votes in her favor. Now Margaret Cho says Sarah forced Bristol to do it. What are the political implications of all this? What are the ramifications for women?

2) What’s going on with the Bush Tax Cuts? Some people say repeal, some say don’t. It’s an economic clusterfuck. Whatever happens, it will have a big impact on everyone. So will Unemployment Extensions–or the lack of them.

3) So, apparently 2010 was The Year of the Woman. We weren’t informed of this, but apparently it is so. What the fark are they talking about, and does it hold water? And, with 2010 drawing to a close, are women now out of luck for the next 2,010 years? Or are we embarking on a new decade or awesomeness?

If you know of a topic that should be addressed but you don’t feel up to doing it yourself drop us a line and we’ll add it to the Assignment Desk.

Tawk amongst yourselves.

November 23, 2010

These Ladies Just Happened to be Naked

by f

The HuffPo has some great shots of John Currin’s work today. They’re now on exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery

Currin’s depictions of the female figure enchant and repel, often in equal measure. Labeled as mannerist, caricaturist, radical conservative or satirist, Currin continues to confound expectations and evade categorization. While his

meticulous and virtuosic technique is indebted to the history of classical painting, the images themselves engage startlingly contemporary ideas about the representation of the human figure. With inspirations as diverse as Old Master portraits, pin-ups, and mid-twentieth century B-movies, Currin continues to paint ideational yet challengingly perverse images of female subjects, from lusty nymphs to more ethereal feminine prototypes.

(From Gagosian Gallery)

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November 5, 2010

My son is gay (via Nerdy Apple Bottom)

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I’m re-blogging this because it’s important, and it’s awesome.

This blogger, Nerdy Apple Blossom, has a son who is five years old. He wanted to be Daphne for Halloween this year. She had no problem with it, and he was initially ecstatic. It was only as the big day approached that he began to worry. She reassured him, but he still feared that he would be laughed at.

Instead of children teasing other children (which may not have had the ‘you’re gay and going to HELL!’ connotation) they were BOTH treated to a round of busybody mothers who felt it was their business to critique.

NAB’s response is wonderful. Her son is going to grow up to be a brave, confident young man, because he has witnessed his mother do that very thing. I hope he was able to enjoy the rest of the day. And I hope he got LOTS of candy.

My son is gay

My son is gay.

Or he’s not. I don’t care. He is still my son. And he is 5. And I am his mother. And if you have a problem with anything mentioned above, I don’t want to know you. I have gone back and forth on whether I wanted to post something more in-depth about my sweet boy and his choice of Halloween costume. Or more specifically, the reactions to it. I figure if I’m still irked by it a few days later, I may as well go ahead and post my thoughts. Here are th … Read More

via Nerdy Apple Bottom

October 17, 2010

The Impossible

by d

Something astounded has happened. I am getting defensive of Snooki.

I adore South Park, I think it’s one of the most incisive shows around. Sure, they do disgusting and juvenile things, but they also lampoon all quarters of society mercilessly. They’re equal opportunity offenders.

I was delighted by this past week’s new episode, “It’s a Jersey Thing”, wherein they shredded the wave of “Jersey” reality shows. I appreciate the humor in the final solution, though it’s made plenty of people angry.

I nearly choked on laughter when I saw how they depicted Jersey Shore‘s Snooki:

“What is it!?” yelped Randy.

“It’s a Snooki!” said Butters’ father. “It’s very famous.”

“How is that famous?”


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October 6, 2010

Link: Russian Journo Students Pose for Putin

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"Vladimir Vladimirovich, I want to congratulate you in person. Call 8-925-148-17-28"


So, apparently there’s this journalism school in Moscow that is known for being very left-wing. But, like any organization, there are always outliers. And it appears that some of these right-wingers love Vladimir Putin so much that they’re willing to bare all and make him a special calendar for his birthday.

“The journalism department [of MGU] is not a nest of the opposition,” Vladimir Tabak, a 23 year old alum of the place told me. I had called the number listed in December’s word bubble (above), and was surprised to get a male voice. Her pimp? (“Ksenya stepped out,” Tabak said by way of apology.) “Those who are in the opposition are always stating their position; those who are for [the government] don’t really express themselves.”

And so Tabak decided to express himself by shooting his fellow MGU-ettes in happy birthday poses, and, along with a female collaborator (Ksenya Salezneva, sophomore, actress, model; December), composed witty birthday greetings to Vladimir Vladimirovich in slick speech bubbles.

Just in case you thought it was the girls’ idea.

Anyway. Tabak, who says he runs a youth-oriented publishing house called Fakul’tet, told me there were no formal auditions for the thing. He found the girls through people he knew, and, according to him, no one said no. They hired a professional stylist (Sasha Rogov) and a photographer (Arseniy Grobovnikov), and finished a run of a 50,000 copies in under three weeks. It’s unclear where they got the money, though Ilya Barabanov (an editor at The New Times and himself an MGU journalism alumnus) alleges Tabakov is tied to Rosmolodezh, another pro-Kremlin youth amalgam, and was behind the controversial reality show about the department, “Zhurfak.” (The latter is very true.)

One thing Tabak wants to make clear: this is not about politics. It’s about birthdays. And sexy ladies. “It’s not political,” he says. “It’s not even campaign season. It’s just a beautiful present that any man would like.” Indeed.

I have no grounding in Russian politics, so I can’t speak to that. I hope that it’s meant as a fun joke, rather than women prostrating themselves before a powerful man.

And it’s not even Vladurday!

Update: The left-wing students have countered with their own calendar, featuring some rather severe ladies posing much more difficult questions. “What impact will inflation have on bribes?”

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