Political Roundup, 5/4/11

by V


Thirty percent of GOP still believe Obama not born in the U.S. — Because some people are just brain dead in all ways but the clinical. Although, I must be honest here — who didn’t see this coming?

Teacher tells 9th grade Muslim girl: ‘I bet you’re grieving’ for ‘uncle’ Osama — Apparently, it makes him feel like a big patriot with a big dick if he calls little girls terrorists and makes them cry.

Mike Huckabee defends comparing Holocaust to debt crisis — Because callous disregard, and anti-semitism never go out of style.

House passes sweeping GOP anti-abortion bill — Because, the war against women is more important than jobs and the economy. Even if your constituents think you’re wasting time.

GOP lawmaker: Fetuses are ‘the most persecuted minority in the world’ — After all, when it comes to defending ignorance, nonsense, and the pursuit of control over a woman’s body who cares that medical science contradicts you?

That’s it for today! I can’t say I hope you ‘enjoyed’ them, since they’re pretty depressing, so I’ll just say goodbye until tomorrow.

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