About Subterfusex

Subterfuge (aka subterfusex) was developed in order to provide a space for frank, open, honest discussion of relationships and sex by young women. Though not a community in the traditional sense, it is our hope that Subterfuge will become a touchstone for its readers, assuring them that they are not alone in their thoughts. We work hard to preserve the anonymity of contributors, so that they can feel free to say exactly what they mean.

f started Subterfuge as an outlet for all those things she’s not allowed to talk about in polite company. Or, it seems, any company at all. f would love to thank her wonderful boyfriend (now fiance) W, for inspiring her to write this column in the first place. As of the writing of this bio, he’s the most wonderful man in this world. The Old Spice Guy comes close, though.

d has always had a wicked, dirty mind. She corrupted most of the young minds around her when she was still resisting training bras.Though naughty talk is more acceptable in adults, she isn’t satisfied by ‘womens magazines’ that retread the same safe ground over and over again without really getting to the meat of things. d calls herself a feminist, but she defines it a little differently than you may expect. Perpetually single, d is putting a toe in the online dating water. Heaven help her.

Subterfuge is looking for contributors. See the Submissions page for more information.

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