Here’s a laugh: some lady out there wrote this “Ideal Boyfriend List”. I’m not going to include the whole thing here, but I will gladly link to it.

If I met a man who possessed all of these qualities I wouldn’t want him and that’s the truth. Neither would the woman who wrote the bloody list.

My ideal boyfriend:

1. Has a working dick.
2. Isn’t an asshole.

Diane hits upon the point best: she says that this list is so awful because it ‘neuters’ the man.

I agree and I responded:

I understand that there is something awesome involved with being manly. I will never understand it but  will always be attracted to it. This list kills the idea of a man by trying to qualify it.

This is different from my saying that I want a bad boy who will abuse me. Not at all! But I also trust that this is part of what any decent guy would do to anyone — treat whomever they come into contact with with respect. Instead, what this woman wants to do is make sure that whomever she’s with is more than a man.

She wants a fictional character.

(Oh, and don’t get me started on her insane tech requirements. I use Macs. I like Macs. I don’t have to force my operating system preferences on another human being. But that’s neither here nor there.)

Look, I get that we like to want something, and we have an ideal we strive for. Goals are great. But when you force them on other human beings, you have a list that essentially castrates your fellow man.

Castration (in general) is not a good idea. It cruel, and it leaves you with a person much less than he should’ve been.