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July 18, 2010

Gratuitous Man Pics: Sean Biggerstaff

by d

Way back in the dark ages (2001-2002), when F and I were in high school, the first Harry Potter movies came out. A friend of ours immediately picked out the only male of acceptable age and attractiveness, in a sea of otherwise ineligible ten year olds and old men.

He was Oliver Wood, captain of Harry Potter’s Quiddith team (that game where they fly on broomsticks). For girls not interested in slogging through the books, he was one of the only reasons to watch. Sadly, Oliver graduated from Hogwarts when Harry was in his third year.

BUT! We’ve just learned that Oliver Wood, played by Sean Biggerstaff (Yes, you’re reading that right, his names are Wood and Biggerstaff. ) will have a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it part in the last Harry Potter.” I remembered our days of yore, sitting around the lunch table making crude jokes about big wood. So of course I looked him up again.

Oh, my god, Sean Biggerstaff has gotten hotter. Like, way hotter.

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July 5, 2010

Things that can’t be magicked away.

by f

Afshan Azad

If you haven’t read this already, do it now:

Harry Potter Actress’s Brother, Father Allegedly Attempt to Kill Her.

The father and brother of a Harry Potter actress has been charged with threatening to kill the 22-year-old at her Manchester, England, home, prosecutors said Friday.

Afshan Azad, who appeared in four Potter movies as Harry’s classmate Padma Patil, was allegedly attacked May 21 because her family, who are Muslim, did not approve of her relationship with a Hindu man, according to a spokesman for the Crown Prosecution Service.

Update: a very sketchy report by the Daily Mail alleges that Afshan dropped the charges, but it’s important to note that it’s not a good idea to trust the Daily Mail if it’s only available source.

The first thing I noticed about this case — and this is about Afshan in particular, and not about the horrific larger issue of “honor” killings — is that Afshan is so young. Really, she’s not much older than my younger brother. She’s a kid. And she starred in the Harry Potter movies. That’s second only to being a candied Disney teen music-making money machine like Miley Cyrus … (wait, whoops!)

I mean, Afshan’s not a kid in the legal sense of the term, but please. I know parents. I have a couple of them. They don’t consider me grown and probably won’t until, at the very least, I start running my own household. Though Afshan Azad is a very successful young woman, she’s from a close-knit Bangladeshi family, so financial solvency may not have translated into actual independence for her. And when she did something that was against her social mores — ie, dating a Hindu — her father tried to kill her.

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