An Update

Dear Subterfuge Readers,

First of all, thanks for hanging with us during the past month or so. We’ve been slow on production and then we hit a controversy that required some serious triage and re-evaluation.

We’ve taken the time off to relaunch, regroup, recruit new writers, and examine the overall outlook of our magazine. We’re proud of the work we did in the interim and know that we will continue even stronger than we left off.

Here are some of the changes we’ve made:

  1. A New Home

    We’ve been considering this for a while, and had full intention of doing it during January, but we somehow didn’t get around to it until now. A week off helped, too.

  2. A New Editing Policy

    We always wanted to incorporate a wide range of views into Subterfuge. We support many feminist issues, but that’s not all we do, and we don’t want to shut out anyone who is uncomfortable with the label. We also know that editing incoming work takes time, which we don’t always have.So, we’re going to try an experiment.We’re calling it Subterfuge Peers, a closed site where writers can put up their drafts and everyone in the community of Peers can read and offer their thoughts. Our goal is to create pieces that are not only well-written and worthy of publication, but well-rounded. If you have a question, raise it. If you know of conflicting information, post it. Writers are challenged to expand their knowledge and perhaps even change their opinions, or at least acknowledge the arguments against them.

    Anyone can apply to join the Peerage. We are most concerned with your ability to give constructive criticism, conduct conversations, and debate in an adult manner. You don’t have to be a professional editor, nor do you have to respond to everything. We’d just like your opinions.

    Anyone who wants to write for Subterfuge will be required to submit their work to the Peerage.

  3. New Comments Policy

    Commenters should do us the courtesy of treating us like rational, thinking beings capable of making mistakes, and of admitting them. We will do the same for you. Comments that insult the poster (or another commenter) will not be responded to by Subterfuge members/writers.Note: Snark is allowed. We love snark. A little friendly snarking is always fun.

We are planning a re-launch on Monday and aim to return to a once-a-day schedule.

We thank you for being with us so far and we look forward to returning to the business of writing again.

D & F
Your Subterfuge Editors


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