Femme Funnies: Hahahahaha… Shut up, dear.

by d

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Even Cary Grant needs a good smack every now and then.

Via versoaverso


5 Comments to “Femme Funnies: Hahahahaha… Shut up, dear.”

  1. He seems oddly unperturbed.

    • Haha, she probably didn’t really slap him in the movie, the .gif just makes it look like it. But, its still hilarious. I choose to believe that he looks so unperturbed because he’s so dumbfounded she had the gall to smack him like that. :p Like, “wait, what, did that just happen?”

  2. He does seem oddly unperturbed. That heightens the humor for me. Every time she smacks him, he doesn’t get it, so she goes it again, still putting on a shiny smile for whoever’s watching.

    “Ahahahahaha, shut up, dear.”
    “I said shut up, sweetheart.”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Now. Stop talking.”
    “What are you talking about, Martha?”
    “Ahahaha. Ignore him, he’s got testosterone poisoning.”

  3. Also: *That* is Cary Grant? The legendary, the oft-dreamed-of, the oft-praised-and-fawned-over? I’m unimpressed. Our mothers (or would it be grandmothers?) had a rather undistinguishing taste, I must say; he looks rather unnoticeable to me.

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