Coming Soon: The Menstrual Cup Review

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7. Don't Panic! (2005)

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I’ve had requests to write about my menstrual cup, and I’ve wanted to for quite a while. Great, I thought to myself, I’ll take notes next month and write something good.

Next month is now this month. This month brought panic.


F can confirm for you, I was a real wreck Thursday night. Hormones combined with horrified realization do nto make for a fun evening.

It was then that I realized just how much I’ve come to rely on the cup, and how integral a part of my life it has become.

There were two reasons I was hyperventilating:

  1. The mess.
  2. The pain.

That’s right, the magical silicone cup is king at preventing both of those. The looming reality that I would have to put up with both this week was so overwhelming that I broke down in tears. These were hormone tears, mind, so it was an overreaction and I knew it, but the intellectual knowledge that it’s PMS’ fault doesn’t help one in the moment.

To prevent a repetition, I’ve ordered a new cup by a different manufacturer. I’ll be able to compare them for you, which I hope will make up for the incredibly intimate descriptions you’ll also be getting about the mess and the pain and how the cup helps with them.

So, stay tuned, kids. There will be more to come. And I should be a lot calmer about it.

6 Comments to “Coming Soon: The Menstrual Cup Review”

  1. I look forward to it. There HAS to be something better than a maxi pad. I’m thinking I should buy a cup of my own when I can, so I’d like to see what you think of it.

  2. Oh! I can’t wait! I have never used a cup, but I’ve always been a bit curious since learning they existed. My flow is extremely heavy, though. There is no way to insert or remove one without getting messy for me. Especially the first few days. Its a constant drip, like a leaky faucet. Sometimes its almost like a small stream. *sigh* I recently ruined a sheet and the second it touched the sheet it just insisted upon staining the mattress beneath…Dark and heavy, too. Ugh. Incidentally, do you have any recommendations for getting out blood stains, set in or otherwise? –;

    • The nice thing about the cup is that if you’re wearing it constantly the walls don’t become bloody so removing it actually isn’t all that messy as long as you empty is often enough. Of course, heavy days are heavy days and that’s just the way they are. -_-

      Try one of the Oxy-clean sort of products while it’s still damp. Let it sit, rinse while rubbing, and repeat. It takes several times, but if you keep it up it works!

      God DAMN the leaks!!!

  3. Oh dear! 😦 There are several brands with this’ Oxy’ element, you might be able to use one of those. I think ours is by a major company like Tide or Lysol or something.

    I know how it goes–I’m allergic to Febreeze’s allergy fighting mix!

    • Okay, thanks! And wow, that’s kind of ironic for you. :p You’re allergic to something that is supposed to stop allergic reactions. :p

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