Jan Brewer’s Idea of a Happy Holi–CHRISTMAS, I MEANT CHRISTMAS!

by d

Art by Linda Eddy

Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona, infamous for legislating against “non-citizens” and denying organ transplants to people who were previously approved for them, wants to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. This image appeared on her Facebook page this past week.

I’m trying to figure out where my outrage should begin and where it should wrap up. I already had good cause to despise this woman, but she seems determined to not only continue to do wicked things, but to do them in the most public and ballsy fashion she can.

To recap: Jan Brewer became governor of Arizona after Obama selected then-governor Janet Napolitano to serve in his administration. Brewer made national headlines when she signed a law in April of 2010. Essentially, the law granted police the ability–nay, the obligation–to ask anyone, anytime, if they have paperwork proving they’re in this country legally. It’s clear this is directed at illegal immigrants of Hispanic origin, which Arizona has plenty of. Despite the public uproar, Brewer has remained unapologetic.

More recently, Brewer cut funding to a state program similar to Medicaid. Nearly 100 low income patients have now been denied vital organ transplants. Brewer has gone on record as calling these “Cadillac” surgeries.

So you see why Brewer is not my favorite person. Now she posts this image.

So lets just make a list of all the reasons Brewer is the last person to make my Christmas any cheerier.

1) That there is false advertising.

Let’s start with the superficial, because it’s a cheap shot and I want to just get it out of the way. That’s not Jan Brewer. My family had to rewind our TiVo and squint. THIS is what Jan Brewer looks like:

Jan Brewer Totally Looks Like The Crypt Keeper

She used to be a beautiful woman, but it’s clear she spent far too much time in the Arizona sun. Let that be a lesson to you, kids. Wear sunscreen or people will make rude memes about you.

I shouldn’t be so surprised. Artist Linda Eddy also seems to think Sarah Palin has Scarlett O’Hara’s waist, despite carrying five children.

2) You skew Rosie the Riveter’s Message SO DAMN MUCH.

The iconic poster was used in the United States during WWII to rally people at home. With men fighting on foreign shores, women took their places in manufacturing jobs that were just as vital to the war effort. The poster’s purpose was to encourage women to take up those jobs (in direct contradiction of contemporary gender roles).

Rosie has come to symbolize a lot, and is often used by feminists. We see in her a woman who is determined, who takes action, who does what needs doing regardless of what is ‘feminine’ and what is not. She doesn’t smile because this is a serious task she’s been charged with.

Linda Eddy, the artist of Brewer’s new image, interprets it a little differently.

Art by Linda Eddy

Whee, lets assert state powers over federal powers! GOOD TIMES ARE AHEAD!

If you’re not up on American politics, this image is demonstrating support for Brewer’s anti-immigration law. States facing this problem have complained that the federal government isn’t doing enough to stop the problem. Hence the above.

I suppose I can see the reasons for this image. If you’re to the political right, and you’re anti-immigrant, then, yes, you’re happy to see someone working to close the borders. And if it usurps power from Obama, that’s even better! Go, Arizona!

I think what really kills me is the smile. Rosie is not a good-time gal. She’s doing a job. She’s sending a message. Eddy’s image is just hanging out. She might as well be wishing someone a merry Ch–Oh, right, she did that. Considering how serious the immigration issue is, you’d think she’d be more serious. And seeing as Linda Eddy herself considers Obama to be a socialist, a liar, and an incompetent, you’d think she would want to depict Brewer as a stalwart defender of The American Way(tm), more Wonder Woman than Flo the Insurance Girl.

3) War on Christmas: Santa’s ok now?

The New York Post, a right-wing paper that is part of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, is a big pusher of the so-called War On Christmas. Every year someone there rails against the secularization of the holiday. So liberals were tickled this past week when the Post took a stab the 96th St. YMCA for removing Santa from their annual festivities.

I don’t see Jan Brewer as Rosie with a crucifix or a veil. Just the Santa hat. Does that mean she’s pro-Santa? Is she anti-Christ? (Hah!) Would someone over on the right please cement their position on the issue so they can go back to goose-stepping?

4) Hypocrisy Rules

Just two posts below this one, there’s this:

Governor Jan Brewer Merry Christmas! During this Christmas season, I encourage everyone to make a difference in our community by volunteering your time or making a donation to a worthy cause. An organization that I support, Hope & A Future, is making a difference this Christmas by providing gifts and clothing to foster children. For a do…

It is so gratifying to help an Arizona foster child stay on the path to success. Especially when it comes with a dollar-for-dollar tax credit on your Arizona Income Tax return.

Jan Brewer likes children. She wants you to support them (note she doesn’t mention any initiatives on her part).

Unless they’re children who are illegal immigrants or, more likely, the children of illegal immigrants now forced to either leave the only home they know or remain in America in uncertain circumstances… quite possibly in the foster system.

(Even better? The linked website has a quote from the Bible in its header.)


That’s it, folks. I am spent. This woman exhausts me.

Screw you, Jan Brewer. You have no true empathy. Your yuletide wishes are a farce.

D out.

3 Comments to “Jan Brewer’s Idea of a Happy Holi–CHRISTMAS, I MEANT CHRISTMAS!”

  1. The first thing I thought when I saw that picture off to the side was how terribly insulting it was to have such a mockery made of Rosie the Riveter’s image. I’m glad that you addressed it!

    I wonder why Jan Brewer is bothering to pretend that she even cares about other people’s Christmases. She doesn’t care about the families she’s helping rip apart this Christmas. She doesn’t care about the people who are probably going to die this holiday season because they can’t get the vital-to-live organ transplants that they need. She really doesn’t care about anyone’s Christmas but her own. And, I guess, if you celebrate another holiday besides Christmas this season you’re just not important enough to get even so much as a mention.

  2. I appreciate the rage, but you are repeating a lot of myths about that poster and its role during the war. Don’t believe everything you read on-line.

    • The poster has come to represent different things as time goes on. I am very curious to know more about its original intent. Can you shed some light?

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