Dear Mr. Right,

by d
One more love ticket (Lovers Project)

Lovers Project at the Yohohama Landmark Tower SkyGarden. A huge heart made of love tickets put together by lovers.

How are you doing? How is your health? Are you meeting the goals you set for yourself or has life got you mired down, too?

I am well, for the most part.

This week has me thinking. My parents will have been married for 34 years come the weekend. That’s a helluva long time. They got married when they were younger than I am now, which is how they’ve achieved this amazing feat. I have no doubt they will make it to 50, which will be in the year 2026.

In the year 2026, I will be forty. In the next sixteen years, I want to find you, Mr. Right, settle ourselves somewhere we love, and have babies. (Not a lot of them, Just Enough. And maybe we’ll adopt, but I want one of my very own–one of you.) In 2016, our kids could be anywhere from preschool-ish (pleasegawdno) to preteens. It’ll be a great party, with all of us and my parents together.

You will love them, I promise. (My parents, not the babies. You’re obligated by biology to love the babies.) And they will love you. I couldn’t love a man who wouldn’t fit into our existing unit. So don’t worry, you’re going to love them and they will love you.

Sixteen years is quite a number. I remember when I was sixteen. I still felt like I knew everything I needed to know to go out and tackle the world. I had a very busy lifetime in those first sixteen years. What am I going to do with the upcoming sixteen?

What are you going to do with them?

Can we spend more of them together, rather than less?

I know you’re out there. And I know you’re busy with your own stuff–I like that about you, I do. We’re two people who can function independently and as a unit. I wouldn’t want you if you dropped everything else to try to find me. I’m not a princess locked in a tower, I’m just an ordinary working girl waiting for the right time for our paths to cross. When they do, we will know it.

I’m getting lonely over here, Mr. Right. I know our time is approaching, I can feel it in my bones. I can feel myself being almost ready for it. For you, for us, for Our Life instead of just My Life. Your Life is made better by joining with My Life, and My Life is augmented by Your Life. Our Life will be something better than we could ever be separately.

So, I am waiting for you, Right. I’m here, and I’m nearly ready. I think you’re getting there, too. Maybe we’ll meet on a distant continent, or other The Intarwebz, or realize we’ve been going to the same grocery store all our lives. Whatever it is, the click, the spark, the recognition, will happen when it happens.

(Can we try to make it happen before I turn 30? I want to have the energy to run around with our babies while they’re little. I don’t want my body to give up the reproductive ghost before we’ve preserved a little piece of you and a little piece of me for the future.)

That’s all I have to say, Dearheart. Just a love letter from B.U. – Before Us.

Take care of yourself. I miss you.


3 Responses to “Dear Mr. Right,”

  1. Print this out. Put it on fancy stationery. And give it to him after you think you’re ready. On a milestone or something. Probably inside a pair of underwear.

    This made me very mushy.

    What makes one “ready” for someone? I think people are always ready. Love isn’t something that comes from nowhere; it’s always around, ready to receive at the first opportunity.

  2. This is very touching, D! And, I agree with F’s suggestion of printing this out and putting it on fancy stationary and when you reach a milestone with your Mr. Right (whoever he may turn out to be), give it to him. This is special.


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