Femme Funnies: A pad more secure than the US government.

by d

Thank you, newsies at Care2, for highlighting this delightful ad:

Quoth Care2:

A Pakistani advertising agency, RG Blue Communications, has drawn on the now-(in)famous leaking of diplomatic cables by Wikileaks into a successful ad campaign for Butterfly, a manufacturer of what are sometimes termed ‘feminine security products’ in the US. Billboards around Karachi, the financial capital of Pakistan, proclaim “WikiLeaks… Butterfly doesn’t”.

Kudos to RG Blue Communications! In one ad they’ve managed to take a whack at international politics and the rules of polite society that say you can advertise products for women, but mustn’t say what they’re actually for… Feminine Security Products indeed!

6 Comments to “Femme Funnies: A pad more secure than the US government.”

  1. LUV! I’m surprised that this came from a Pakistani ad company. Kudos to them! Definitely! 🙂

  2. “Feminine security products”? Wouldn’t that be pepper spray? Or, uh, diaphragms? (does anyone still use those things? My mom told me they are terribly inconvenient: insert two hours before you *think* you’re gettin’ some, leave in for a few hours *after you’re done*, clean it and store it away for reuse)

    I thought those things were called “feminine napkins” or somesuch. That’s what it says on the machines in the bathrooms.

  3. Also, does anyone remember the Most Sophisticated Piece of Equipment You Will Ever Pee On commercial? I’d love to see that posted here. I’m a huge fan (of the commercial, derr. I know how to take my BC as prescribed).

    • LOL! I remember that commercial! I love that one, it was hilarious. And the guy sounded SO SERIOUS when he said it. It was like he was the announcer of a movie. That deep, rich voice, you could hear a hint of a smile in his voice (as if he were announcing something about a romantic comedy) and a hint of, “you know you want to choose this one” in his tone. Harrr.

  4. I found it!! I’ve never seen this before, it’s HILARIOUS!!

    That ad company deserved an award.

    And, yeah, ‘feminine security’ is one of those meaningless euphemisms. I hate ‘napkin’, too. Anything but saying it outright! “It catches the blood.”

    Diaphragms and sponges and things never made much sense to me. I would be paranoid about them becoming dislodged.

    • I’m glad you like it! It’s my favorite commercial of all time, topping The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, due to the pairing of comedy and integrity. Who’da thunk those two would go together, and in a commercial?

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