Female Fascists

by f

via flickr commons

First, the story, as told through Twitter.

Me: No, dipshit, screaming for your constitutional rights on a quiet car doesn’t make you a hero. And it doesn’t make this a fascist country.

[Context: The first and last cars of the morning express trains are designated as quiet cars. Dipshit, a large man with a scruffy beard, sat behind me, yammering on his cellphone. At first the woman behind him urged him to be quiet. Then he asked her where in the Constitution did it mention that his right to talk has been infringed. This conversation became progressively louder as the conductor was called to intervene. The conductor, too, was a woman. Bombastic and unapologetic, he proceeded to scream both women down and urged the conductor to bring the police on board the train. That never happened. Instead, the conductor gave an impassioned plea on the loudspeaker, reminding us that the first and last cars were, in fact, quiet cars.]

V, in response: What happened? Who did that?

Me: Some random fucktard took a loud phone conversation in the quiet car, shouting down repeated requests to hang up.

V: Whoa, seriously? Freak. I’ll bet he’ll go home and blog about his rights being infringed.

Me: I was thinking the same thing! A few of the lunatics I have in my Google reader do in fact take this NE corridor train every morning.

V: By his logic, isn’t he infringing on the rights of the other people in the car?

Me: According to him, we have to pay for the privilege. A specious argument. Although NJ transit is state-funded, it acts like a private corporation and can set arbitrary rules as it pleases. [I should have added: as long as it does not impinge on someone’s civil rights. And in this case, the burden was his to prove it. And not on the train, while violating the basic expectation of peace beyond what is requested in the quiet car.]

V: I don’t understand his logic.

Me: What I DO understand is if the train were too crowded and he had been forced into the quiet car. That wasn’t the case.

V: Why did he at least just quiet the volume of his voice? Or stepped into another car? It seems like a good compromise to me.

Me: Remember, principles can’t be compromised unless it comes to 9/11 first responders.


This is what I didn’t mention. Once the conductor left our car to make the station announcement, Dipshit screamed after her. At first I couldn’t catch what he said but then he repeated himself. “Female fascists!” It was the demented cry of a felled rhinoceros, and I enjoyed it.

3 Responses to “Female Fascists”

  1. Hehehe, there’s always at least one loony in every crowd.

  2. Hot damn, one always gets a good story out of the train. They really should have signs up for those cars, but the morning commuter trains are usually pretty damn silent anyway.

    Yet another example of the true world view of such people–the world should be ordered as THEY like, and damn anyone else for a traitor.

    I like the designation of FEMALE fascists. Presumably the conductor and his neighbor both want to support the homeland by popping out lots of soldiers-to-be babies?


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