Women in Aprons (via An Attitude Adjustment)

by d
Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich

She mentions grilled cheese, so Zemanta insists we have a picture of some. ...is that ham? Image via Wikipedia

Over at An Attitude Adjustment, Staying At Home For Now mom Jana feels like a kindred spirit. She’s an English teacher, but layoffs coincided with the birth of her second child so she’s decided to make the most of it. While she cherishes the opportunity to spend time with her young children, she also feels the need for something more than that. The blog is her outlet. As she says, this period in her life won’t last forever, but she’s in it now and she’s going to take advantage of it.

Her latest post has been recognized by the WP selection staff. The title caught my eye: Women in Aprons.

Jana points out that cooking is In. Everyone’s going organic, everyone wants to be healthier and feed their families good food. She’s all for that. What she objects to is the insidious implication that women are failing in their ‘roles.’ Everything is directed at women, not men.

This post made the Freshly Pressed board for a reason.

Women in Aprons There’s a food revolution going on. You may have noticed. Books about eating organic food abound the shelves of your local bookstore. Writers of those books appear on countless talk-shows. High-fructose corn syrup has become a term synonymous with devil. And I am one of those foodies. Sort of. While I ate only grilled cheese sandwiches for the second five years of my life (and still grew), I now like things like brussels sprouts, green beans, and … Read More

via An Attitude Adjustment

One Comment to “Women in Aprons (via An Attitude Adjustment)”

  1. This is a great post to show the Subterfuge crowd! I like that there are still people out there that recognize that staying at home is not the woman’s ONLY role in life. And that there are still people who can find a good balance for themselves with such things, even in the face of layoffs. If someone is a SAHM, by choice or necessity, there’s nothing wrong with that. The only thing I object to is when the only thing we constantly hear is that staying at home is the only function/role a woman SHOULD have and anything else is WRONG and blasphemous. The very people who claim to dislike having a different way of life foisted onto them, would like to foist their way of life onto everybody else. However, it’s refreshing to see that there are still people out there who are in this lifestyle who do not attempt to do that to those who can and choose to not stay at home.

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