Politics and Outrage: 12/09/10

by V
via David Horsey

via David Horsey

Management would like to introduce a segment called Politics and Outrage. This segment will link newsworthy items along with commentary. We SHOULD care about the news. We hope this segment will spark lively discussion in the comments.

This segment will run as often as V will write it for us.

Fox News advocates murder and assassination on air — This is mostly a video, and at first I was only going to show the YouTube link, but I liked what the blogger had to say about the video. Nothing like calls for murder and the stifling of free speech to start your day, right Faux Fox?

Sign of the Devil…or perhaps just encouragement — Apparently, some people (and school officials) in a Utah town dislike the idea of their elementary school kids seeing the word, “suicide” on someone’s signs on their own private property. At first, this makes sense. Until you stop and think for a moment, and realize that even elementary school kids can and have committed suicide before (although perhaps not necessarily for THIS purpose) and the man has his eye on the future — starting positive messages NOW rather than waiting until its already too late.

Anti-gay hate groups are, according to Paul Cameron, an invention of the left-wing — Because, he thinks he should be able to spout lies and falsehoods (all of which have been debunked) about gays and advocate for their death and public shaming without his group being called a hate group.

Obvious proof that Fox News really is manipulating their viewers/listeners/readers — Not that we needed any extra proof, of course.

Victory won in the Calhoun v. Pennington case — This is a case that involved the police storming and raiding an Atlanta gay bar, the Atlanta Eagle, last year in SWAT team style, for no reason, subjecting the bar patrons to being treated as if they were criminals. Not one person was charged with a crime or suspected of one. It is thought (and apparently the courts agreed) that this was not just unconstitutional behavior, but also done deliberately because it was a gay bar.

Sadly, Westboro Baptist Church will not allow Elizabeth Edwards to rest in peace, nor allow her family to grieve in peace — I don’t know where these loonies get their interpretation of God or the Bible, but I think they seriously need to ask themselves…WWJD. Their behavior does not reflect Christianity at all. And, I want to know where these loonies are getting the money to go traipsing all over the US for these pickets. Who is giving them money??

Climate change math! — Is it really more costly to for the US to go green? Or is it more costly to wait?

Media Matters adds a new partner to their Drop Fox campaign — Many in the Twitterverse may recognize his moniker, @StopBeck.

Once again a school district can’t just allow female students to wear tuxedos for yearbook pictures — And this is getting to be a nasty lawsuit, too. I wonder how much digging they had to do to find that ONE picture of her in a bikini. Similarly, I wonder how old that picture is and if anyone had a hand in her deciding to wear that bikini at the time the picture was taken.

The House passed the DREAM Act — But, then again, the Senate is where good bills go to die, they say…..

The tax cut compromise bill is still up in the air — Basically, nobody is really aware (yet) what’s going to happen after Democrats (finally) drew their line in the sand. But, everyone has a theory!

Wal-Mart proves itself a liar, again — Although, we didn’t need a news report to tell us that. Rob Walton doing his very best to not answer for a damn thing is not new. When asked to put his money where his mouth was, he came up with excuses. This one is a video!

A job’s race to the top — with a focus on clean energy!! Remember, the environment is our friend! And, like most friends, if we abuse her, she will bitch-slap us and throw us down the street. 🙂

WikiLeaks is not just for exposing when our soldiers commit war crimes — Nor is it just for showing that world diplomats like to gossip about each other and tell bad jokes. WikiLeaks has, according to Change.org, shown that US tax dollars are going to fund child sex slavery in Afghanistan. Yeah, that sure sounds like we’re “helping,” doesn’t it? No…not to me, either.

And the Right Wing exposes its stubborn ignorance…again — Then again, we don’t need news to tell us that the GOP was deliberately blocking Obama’s judicial nominees.

And that’s it for this one! Let me know if anyone thinks this list was lacking or if I could improve this somehow.

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