These Ladies Just Happened to be Naked

by f

The HuffPo has some great shots of John Currin’s work today. They’re now on exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery

Currin’s depictions of the female figure enchant and repel, often in equal measure. Labeled as mannerist, caricaturist, radical conservative or satirist, Currin continues to confound expectations and evade categorization. While his

meticulous and virtuosic technique is indebted to the history of classical painting, the images themselves engage startlingly contemporary ideas about the representation of the human figure. With inspirations as diverse as Old Master portraits, pin-ups, and mid-twentieth century B-movies, Currin continues to paint ideational yet challengingly perverse images of female subjects, from lusty nymphs to more ethereal feminine prototypes.

(From Gagosian Gallery)

Look at those lovely ladies having such a good time with one another. Makes you want to… no? Not you? (Me neither.)

Still, very, very talented artist. Perhaps I will go next week and leave a review here. I say perhaps because anytime I promise to do anything, I just suck at doing it.

One Comment to “These Ladies Just Happened to be Naked”

  1. Very good! I like this type of art. 🙂

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