Sunday Updates

by f

Welcome to the latest edition of Sunday Updates!

(NaNo is consuming our time, per usual. F is a million words behind. D is staying caught up. Roxy is trucking along with the rest of us. Fun times.)

We have a lot coming ahead. We will start writings and the reasons why writing non-fiction can be very difficult.  We’ll be sharing some very juicy interviews with you. We will take artistic experiments. We will retroactively update Friday. (Shh — you didn’t hear that one!)

We also have sexy confessionals and erotic writing adventures coming up soon. So many goodies! Now we have to follow through.

All here at Subterfuge, your favorite blog for all things [fill in the blank].

One Comment to “Sunday Updates”

  1. I have a few possible confessionals in mind, as well, revolving around sex and sexuality. Although, I’m unsure if I will be using one of them. :p

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