Femme Funnies: PETA vs Womens Groups

by d

(The vegan feminists are gonna hate this one…)

2 Comments to “Femme Funnies: PETA vs Womens Groups”

  1. Lol, that’s a funny video :D! Sadly, some people take this stuff too seriously and go on misguided “PETA objectifies women” tangents. I’m a PETA member, and I am a feminist. There are a lot of people like me, who see a connection between sexist objectification and animal abuse.

    PETA uses sex appeal as a way to raise awareness for an important cause (as does breast cancer research and the evening news.) If people can take off their clothes for works of art, fashion ads, and breast cancer research, why not for a cause they believe in?

    Both women AND men are featured in PETA ads, and they choose to pose nude. In the infamous “naked” protests, people of all body types, ethnicities, and sexual orientations can and DO take off their clothes (during the “Vegetarians Make Better Lovers” campaign, these guys stole the show!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPFrLnPH17Y)

    Other men featured in PETA ads include: John Abraham, Dave Nevarro, Mario, Jake Shields, Tommy Lee, Steve O, Chester Bennington, and Amar’e Stoudemire.

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