A NaNo Update

by subterfusex

The participating Subterfugettes are hard at work on their novels, or busy cheering on those who are.

F has been corralling strangers to join us for Word Wars in a chat room.

D has become the defacto organizer for our local write-ins.

Roxy has also done her best to cajole and encourage, specifically…

V started off with a beautiful beginning, then dropped out. (Everyone must encourage her to write this story someday, if not today.)

Lastly, DahliaRoseMonroe got in the game several days late and has already out-written the rest of us.

Back to the word processor for us!

7 Comments to “A NaNo Update”

  1. *GASP!* What is this?? My name?! No! No one was to speak of this, evar! *hides under couch with editing tools*

  2. *sits down, clasps hands* V, we need to have a little talk. Now, we’re here today because everyone loves you very much, and we’re worried about yo*SNATCHES tools and RUNS*

  3. *is amused* I knew I had the right idea when I decided not to disclose my “Writing Process”. Look what happens! XP

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