What have I done?

by f

Remember that I had a brilliant series about gay teenagers that I absolutely had to share with all of you?

I had it all figured out. I was going to write emotionally and at length about the issue. There was so much for me to talk about, a trail of injustices to chronicle. And then… the world happened. The It Gets Better project has since skyrocketed — even President Obama made his own “It Gets Better” movie — throwing a million diverse experiences into the mix. There isn’t one great standard to which to these stories can be held. So I’m going to watch all of them.

Yes, you’re right. Each and every goddamn one of them.

I’ve seen around two hundred so far. At times they are tough to watch. I can’t believe that we tolerate this prejudice as a society. Talking about wanting gay students to commit suicide is almost acceptable. “I don’t want to be a homo,” is the last accepted bigoted phrase there is.

So after all of my writing and thinking and feeling and grasping, I’ve only found that the issues are more complex than I’d ever imagined. The recent ouster of judges from Iowa is further evidence of this — and a huge setback for gay rights in this country. Not since 1952, since the system was designed, have judges been voted out of power.

The House is in very Republican territory now. Republicans are not known for their powerful stance on gay rights. In fact, their powerful stance is an unequivocally negative one. If they must exist, they must remain like children — seen and not heard. This is the basis for countless legislation against gay marriage and in support of DADT. Laura Wood, our favorite housewife, sums it up best; she says what most Republicans say off camera (unless you’re Carl Paladino, and then you don’t care):

Our president is a bully who flagrantly violates his mandated role. The U.S. Constitution did not appoint him therapist to the nation’s children. The voters did not elect him to be dad. This is an outrageous assertion of power. He is a bully to parents in their own homes and a bully to children as well, exhibiting shocking insensitivity to the dilemmas and conflicts of adolescence and feeding them blatant lies. This president is a bully and a sentimental idiot all at once. He is an embarrassment to everything good this country represents.

What is everything good this country represents? Oh, you mean the exclusionary bullshit that we’ve had to apologize for over the course of two and a half centuries?

2 Comments to “What have I done?”

  1. Oh, TTH. Just when we think it’s safe to forget about you, you come out with something new to anger and offend.

    How, exactly, does Obama creating an IGB video–which is not broadcast into every home–bullying parents?

    How, in any capacity, is it bullying children to youths to tell them that life, in fact, gets better? Are we now to avoid chastizing bullies themselves because it hurts their feelings? Talk about role reversal, usually the conservatives are the ones objecting to bleeding heart liberals for moral relativism.

    There is a vast difference between claiming the right for a culture to exist, despite what others see as oddities, and actively calling for the death and destruction of young lives. Because these anti-gay programs? They destroy lives. Not always as dramatically as suicides. Too many people have lived in fear, in bewilderment, in pain, because of the overarching bullying still rampant in OUR depraved culture.

    We’ve established a standard that you can’t condemn someone for something they’re born to, like race or gender. We’ve mostly agreed that it’s also not fair to condemn based on religion, which is actually a choice, but most people feel that it is part of their identity from birth. The right fights tooth and nail against the idea that homosexuality is biological, because then they would lose their ‘strongest’ argument against them. If it is not a choice, they can’t continue to attack with impunity.

    Perhaps we should all be donating to research that will ultimately prove that the vast majority of long-term homosexuality is NOT a choice. (I do think that some individuals, whose inclination is somewhere in the middle, do make a sort of decision to pursue those inclinations. They are a tiny fraction of an already small subset.)

  2. Just more silliness from that side of the aisle. They always think that if you do not explicitly cater to them and run the world to favor them, rather than to strive to be fair to everyone, they are being oppressed and bullied. She is just being ridiculous. As usual. Backwards logic makes sense to her only because it’s the only way she can insist that the world should run in a way that accommodates only her and people like her and no one else. The president isn’t bullying anyone. He is not undermining anyone’s religion. Just because someone’s religion is not explicitly catered to does not mean that they are being oppressed. She, along with many other Christians, think that it should be okay to insist to these LGBTQ kids that they are wrong and sinful and terrible and that they should STOP IT. And if Obama is going around telling these kids that it gets better, that it’s okay, that they are different but not BAD, that they should not pay attention to the people who are bullying them, then Obama is undermining the “right” of the adults and other kids to “correct” the LGBTQ kids. That’s what she’s really complaining about. But, she can’t say it like that, because it makes no fucking sense.

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