No, really, you need to vote.

by d

If you’ve paid any attention to this year’s US elections you know that there is some crazy shit going down.

The stats tug my heart in different directions. We’ve seen record numbers of women filing to run for office, and the numbers remain high as we go into the elections next week. There are also way, way too many candidates who can best be described as anti-woman. And too many of them are themselves women.

The ‘anti-woman’ term is a loaded one, but here’s how we’re defining it today: anti-abortion, even in cases of rape or incest, or incestuous rape. This includes the likes of Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell, and, 79 others.

Also at stake are education and health care in general. Many candidates want to roll back both. Yes, the rumors you heard were true–more than one loon out there wants to disband the Department of Education. And they think so-called ObamaCare is going to destroy this country, never mind that it will provide maternity coverage and guarantee care for children with “pre-existing conditions.” Keeping women and children healthy and educated is pro-woman, pro-child, pro-humanity. These candidates are not.

Then there’s the economy. A lot of the same people mentioned above want to put a freeze on all government spending, including spending that is undeniably necessary. In fact, many Republicans/Tea Partiers are talking about a government shut down. (Because that worked so well for them in the past.) An unequivocal federal shut down would necessarily halt the disbursement of services and resources to people in need, from schools to food to medical care, and also touching on police, fire, and EMS services. How they expect to fund the army through this, I do not know.

Clearly we have a problem here. We have women who are actively working to trample the rights and freedoms of other women. Some, like Carly Fiorina, have wealth and no compassion. Others, like Angle and O’Donnell lack sense and crave power.

It is these women who make the rest of us look bad. “Look how dumb they are, votin’ against shit they actually want! Stupid broads.” The best way to enslave us is to use our own as tools to convince us.

We need to vote. We need to speak loudly and clearly.

Oh, and just in case you needed another reason, one Tea Party asshole has decided that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg is somehow a eugenicist using abortion to “control certain people group [sic]”. Video starts at 1:10.

“She said, quote, we passed Roe v. Wade in order to control certain people group [sic], unquote. The woman is a eugenicist and eugenicists believe that there are certain races that have privileges and are more evolved and developed than others.”

He is referring to the Justice speaking about other peoples’ fears at the time Roe v. Wade was passed. Good job, guy.

4 Comments to “No, really, you need to vote.”

  1. It’s ridiculous that in this election you have to either support the democrats and their careless spending or the republicans and their insane cutbacks of government.

    • The two party system is too polarizing. We can’t have effective discourse, and we don’t have options. You can’t really make a statement, because you don’t have alternatives. You can be pissed with Party A, but if Party B also looks terrible, who do you vote for? Our tiny little so-called third parties just split the vote for whichever of the primary parties they’re most in line with, which is ultimately a failure for both.

      I vote Federalist and Bull Moose.

  2. Who is a federalist politician you like and I will check them out.

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