Femme Funnies: Lets leave dating to the private sector…

by d

3 Comments to “Femme Funnies: Lets leave dating to the private sector…”

  1. See, but where douchebaggery and individual interpersonal skills are concerned ( I won’t make the same claim for sex offenders) there is a potential for growth which would be completely undone by this “service”.
    Although, I would love to have a professional come over mid-meal and interrupt to confirm that yes, the twerp who’s been waxing philosophical about the inherent and unfixable evils of, say, social networking, is paranoid and (perhaps more importantly) has no confidence in his ability to establish boundaries online.
    Better yet, have them send someone to warn me, while he is hitting on me (again) that he is a sexist, chauvenistic, gender-conservative creep with a strange attraction for women who look to be about half his age. TO HIS FACE. XD

  2. HAHA! This is total love, and I agree with Fey. It would be awesome to have something like that happen. xP There are, however, many websites that you can go to online that are a sort of registry of terrible exes. Some of them can be quite controversial due to certain users crossing the line from complaint into defamation.

    Aside from that, I love this little strip, it’s so hilarious! 🙂

  3. @fey It would need to be a very nuanced service, certainly for first time offenders. “WARNING: This douche may be a douche to you.” But at a certain point? Hell yeah, I’d like a warning system! Though the obviously shitty ones often send their own warning signals.

    @v Those websites are nice in theory but people definitely like to cross the line. On the other hand, I would definitely like to know if a guy has a long line of genuinely pissed off exes queuing up behind him…

    Course, you’d think the hipster goatee and glasses would’ve tipped off the chick in this strip. XD

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