Apparently, I like the taste of my feet.

by f

I must be the most flexible person in the world. My foot’s crammed down my esophagus much more often than I’d like. I think I know the familiar and sweaty taste by heart.

Though only three of my sisters could make it with me to the Dan Savage talk, we did meet with a fourth sister for dinner. C — my sorority Big — had to dash off to study, so she quickly ate a stromboli with us before she left. I was very happy she came because I rarely get to see her. (She’s in med school. They don’t give her time to breathe.)

As we all enjoyed a lively discussion, C then mentioned that she didn’t like broadway singers. I’m not sure how the subject came up, but something in me triggered a strong memory.

“I watched Next to Normal,” I said. “Great voices. It’s a play about mental illnesses, and I thought of you.”

Of course, my sister Z seized on the comment and said, “I love how she goes, ‘a play about mental illnesses’ and then says, ‘oh, and I thought of you, C'”

Shit. Shit. Next to Normal is a brilliant commentary about medical ethics and psychopharmacology. C has a master’s degree in medical ethics. I should have been clearer and made a forceful connection. And oh, dear, I got it all wrong.

C was all graciousness, of course.

“No, no,” she said, “I got it. Don’t worry about it.”

But I hate the taste of foot. And I did worry. I rarely get to see C because of her hectic life, and I hated to think I made a bad impression.

2 Comments to “Apparently, I like the taste of my feet.”

  1. Silly girl, I’m sure she and everyone else understands. 🙂

    Then again, there may well be a Freudian element to such a slip. Muahaha.

  2. No worries, no worries! (Though I do know exactly how you feel. At various points in my life I’ve spent weeks obsessing over words said by myself to others.) Actually, an interesting aside, C turned to me at one point and said how socially awkward she was feeling (since her brain was still on medicine stuff), and I said the same thing to her–“no worries.” That’s one of the interesting things about our group–we’re ALL socially awkward. We’re the rainbow of social awkwardness, covering the whole spectrum. ^_^

    (And I don’t know if you’ve ever assigned a letter to me in past posts, but I’m stealing S for now to help your anonymity. :B )

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