A wonderful monday

by f

from Rutgers Student Life http://getinvolved.rutgers.edu

I just got back from an excellent event at the old alma mater. (Dan Savage! I think I nearly died from the star shock!)

Tomorrow, I have a free morning, so I’ll write about it then. I need some time to think about everything. The talk — the subsequent conversations — everything — has simultaneously excited and drained me.

These are my impressions:

He was impressive in person. After eating bolis with my sisters — plus one boyfriend! — five of us headed over to the student center for the Dan Savage talk.

There were lots of curious people in the audience. The hall was PACKED. You could see everybody there just waiting for him to start talking, and when he did it was a rapidfire humor fest with a lot of salient points about motivation and activism. I felt inspired while listening to him. Throughout the speech I sat on the edge of my seat, straight-backed. I’d intended on taking notes but I couldn’t even stretch to take out my notebook; my memories are clear enough.

And yes, there were three references to Rick Santorum. I counted.

It was the perfect cherry on top of an amazing day I spent with W on our old campus. It’s a beautiful place even if it has moved beyond us. The sadness of the past met the purpose of the present so masterfully I can’t help but view the day through the lens of bittersweet fiction.

One Comment to “A wonderful monday”

  1. This sounds awesome! I’m so glad that you went and I really am looking forward to hearing more about this! 🙂

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