It Gets Better

by d

Dan Savage is one of my favorite people. I never miss a Savage Love column.

He is a gay man, in a long-term relationship with his partner. They have a son. They are a happy, stable, loving family.

But their lives weren’t always so pleasant.

And that is why Dan has founded the It Gets Better Project, to reach out to young people who feel hopeless. It is for LGBTQ kids, but also for anyone who has suffered bullying or public shaming. The message is simple, and heartfelt. It gets better. You won’t always in middle or high school, you won’t always live with a family that doesn’t understand. The plea is wrought with emotion: Stick around, don’t give up on life before it can get better!

Below the cut are embedded videos, amazing videos submitted by people who want to tell kids that it gets better. Or, watch them all here:

Dan and Terry launch the project with their story:

A Texas City Councilman tells his story for the first time in a city council meeting:

New Hampshire’s gay bishop speaks a message of divine love:

Ugly Betty‘s Michael Urie shows that he wasn’t always playing a role as Justin’s guide to growing up gay–or just seeming gay:

There are more videos being added constantly. I can’t find a current count, but it’s in the hundreds at the very least. Famous people, ordinary people, important people. More highlights are coming.

The kids in your life need to hear this, no matter what their persuasion. It gets better.

4 Comments to “It Gets Better”

  1. Great article! I love this project and I’m so glad that it’s getting so many submissions. It’s a great idea, especially in light of all the recent suicides of LGBTQ teens. All teens, no matter their persuasion, do need to hear this message, though. You’re right. I totally agree. It does get better, whether you’re being bullied because you’re LGBTQ, perceived to be LGBTQ or for some different reason altogether. It’s important for the bullies or would-be bullies to hear it, too. Most bullies tend to bully out of some feeling of inadequacy and perhaps this very same message can help them overcome whatever it is that is bothering them. It can also, perhaps, remind them that they don’t always have to imitate their parents, either. There are other adults in the world that they can use as role models if their parents choose to (unfortunately) be bad role models and attempt, either purposely or without meaning to, perpetuate violence, hate, ignorance and prejudice.

  2. All right, good for the kiddies. Although… the title’s sort of funny.
    In high school, you get abused… but IT GETS BETTER. What, the abuse?

    • The ‘it’ is life–life gets better. But, yeah, that is kinda vague!

      • Oh, no worries. I figured it was real life, I just can’t help cracking jokes. But yeah, this project will undoubtedly help a lot of people. Homophobia was just a fact of life where I went to high school, and this is a push in the right direction. That said, hopefully there will be more projects in the future that address and reach out to people of color (currently, the Western LGBTIQ movement has a white/Christian face in the media. Many people who don’t have that background are alienated, or their needs are placed in a secondary position to “everybody else.” Those include the needs and concerns of African Americans, Asians, Latinos, Muslims, Jews, etc.)

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