More Suicides

by f

zach harrington

I am unable to type up the next installment as I have been sick all day. (Food poisoning; take it from me — do not eat food from questionable restaurants! This is advice I routinely forget at least once a month.)

But I do want to briefly discuss the two recent reported suicides in the media: those of Zach Harrington and Aiyisha Hussein. Aiyisha Hussein was a student at Howard who felt conflicted by her sexuality — friends mention that it is probably the reason why she took her own life.

Zach Harrington’s suicide spoke volumes about the condition of gay rights in this country. When his town held a meeting to pass a resolution declaring that week an LGBTQ tolerance week, the vindictive reactions of his fellow town hall attendees drove him over the edge.

The Norman Transcript reports:

Some of those who opposed the proclamation claimed that members of the GLBT community would use it to infiltrate the public school system, essentially allowing the “gay lifestyle” to become a part of the curriculum.

Others claimed that council recognizing October as GLBT History Month was a waste of their time. Some members of the audience even suggested that any council members voting in favor of the proclamation may have trouble getting reelected.

Numerous residents also claimed the Bible was their guiding light, citing the ancient text as their primary reason for opposing the proclamation and the GLBT community in general.

As we march forward, we must realize –and make others realize — the following.

1. Gay rights is a civil rights issue. It is our generation’s defining issue. Those who oppose it, as Republican strategist Mark McKinnon says, are on the wrong side of history.

2. We can’t wait until these kids graduate high school to make things better. We need to take the fight there so that we can stop this endless cycle of depression.

3. This has got to stop. Period. If you are anti-homosexual, you are pro teen suicide. That’s the message we’ve got to send out there, and it’s a great one.

One Comment to “More Suicides”

  1. Great post, F. Very compelling and all very true. I especially love your last statements. They are the most important, if you ask me. :p

    I’m so sorry that you were sick, though. I’m sure everyone understands that sometimes life (and that includes illness) takes precedent over the Internet, despite everything. I hope that you get better soon. *HUG*

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