Under different circumstances, this might be poetic.

by f

I’m not a witch. I’m nothing you’ve heard. I’m you. — Christine O’Donnell.

Under different circumstances, this might be poetic. There’s something about her cadence, her slow, sweet way of speaking that makes this feel like it might work as a rock song.

Sure, she might be crazy, homophobic, reductionist, unintelligent and not very creative. But she’s got a sweet speaking voice, and her commercial has a lilting tone to it. It’s beautiful only if you’re not listening.

5 Comments to “Under different circumstances, this might be poetic.”

  1. I don’t know why she thought it was a good idea to mention to the public like that that she’d dabbled in witchcraft (if I even believe that from her). What did she THINK would happen?? Conservatives aren’t really known for liking witches. Current or former. :p

  2. Wait–so people actually think she’s a witch? She needs to defend herself from this?

    She’s not a witch, she’s a nimrod. She believes they’re splicing mouse brains with human brains, end of argument nothing she says is valid.

    V, when she made that statement she was on Politically Incorrect as a guest, and probably not considering a run for office. As Bill Maher said, she’s spiritual.

    • I still can’t imagine why she thought it was a good idea. :p It’s the type of thing that politicians SEIZE on like snapping turtles. xP

      And LOL! People splicing mouse brains and human brains. Don’t be ridiculous. It’s unicorn brains with mouse brains, of course!

  3. She’s not a witch, she’s just a politician who believes:

    people afflicted with AIDS aren’t victims, and should therefore get less funding:

    that masturbation is the same as adultery:

    that Obama is so liberal he’s “Anti-American”:

    And that abortion isn’t even allowable in cases of rape or incest:

    As for the witch thing, she used to practice witchcraft in high school:

    —Which is nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe she should have stuck with it, then she’d have better things to do than taunt AIDS victims, deny abortions to those in need of them, scandalize masturbation, and go on on “Anti-American” witch-hunts.

    • Witchcraft in the hands of a nimrod is just as dangerous as political power in the hands of a nimrod. xP But, yeah, thanks for all those links, Roxy! I love your links arsenal, it’s so kick ass!

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