Link: Russian Journo Students Pose for Putin

by d


"Vladimir Vladimirovich, I want to congratulate you in person. Call 8-925-148-17-28"


So, apparently there’s this journalism school in Moscow that is known for being very left-wing. But, like any organization, there are always outliers. And it appears that some of these right-wingers love Vladimir Putin so much that they’re willing to bare all and make him a special calendar for his birthday.

“The journalism department [of MGU] is not a nest of the opposition,” Vladimir Tabak, a 23 year old alum of the place told me. I had called the number listed in December’s word bubble (above), and was surprised to get a male voice. Her pimp? (“Ksenya stepped out,” Tabak said by way of apology.) “Those who are in the opposition are always stating their position; those who are for [the government] don’t really express themselves.”

And so Tabak decided to express himself by shooting his fellow MGU-ettes in happy birthday poses, and, along with a female collaborator (Ksenya Salezneva, sophomore, actress, model; December), composed witty birthday greetings to Vladimir Vladimirovich in slick speech bubbles.

Just in case you thought it was the girls’ idea.

Anyway. Tabak, who says he runs a youth-oriented publishing house called Fakul’tet, told me there were no formal auditions for the thing. He found the girls through people he knew, and, according to him, no one said no. They hired a professional stylist (Sasha Rogov) and a photographer (Arseniy Grobovnikov), and finished a run of a 50,000 copies in under three weeks. It’s unclear where they got the money, though Ilya Barabanov (an editor at The New Times and himself an MGU journalism alumnus) alleges Tabakov is tied to Rosmolodezh, another pro-Kremlin youth amalgam, and was behind the controversial reality show about the department, “Zhurfak.” (The latter is very true.)

One thing Tabak wants to make clear: this is not about politics. It’s about birthdays. And sexy ladies. “It’s not political,” he says. “It’s not even campaign season. It’s just a beautiful present that any man would like.” Indeed.

I have no grounding in Russian politics, so I can’t speak to that. I hope that it’s meant as a fun joke, rather than women prostrating themselves before a powerful man.

And it’s not even Vladurday!

Update: The left-wing students have countered with their own calendar, featuring some rather severe ladies posing much more difficult questions. “What impact will inflation have on bribes?”

3 Comments to “Link: Russian Journo Students Pose for Putin”

  1. Interesting. o.O; As long as these girls chose to do that and weren’t coerced. Then again, I’m a little wary of that when it comes to Russia….<<;

  2. As long as the ladies chose to do it, power to them…
    Although those speech bubbles are pretty lame. If they would have at least had some witty political substance, maybe this would have been a win. Currently, it reminds me of the cheesy “men’s greeting cards” that you find next to bodice-ripper romance books at your local pharmacy.

    Hey… if you’re going to make provocative softcore porn for your leader, at the very least throw in a gay photo-shoot!

  3. It’s nice to see these post-communist lasses bare all for a leader whose craziness they don’t really care about.

    Postmodern apathy. It’s beautiful.

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