Overstimulated/ March 2010

by feyruhan

It feels so good.  His fingers.  The palms of his hand.  His fingernails.

Overstimulated Economy

I’ve been wanting him.  Wondering, imaginig.  Fantasizing.  He told me where one of his sweet spots is.  He licked and lipped and nibbles on my nipples.  We made each other whimper.

We didn’t take off our clothes.  He didn’t use his cock.  He didn’t touch my pussy.  But it was still, so good.  I started shivering, shaking, my teeth were clattering and I couldn’t calm my muscles.  He asked if I was okay, and I said, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  He said, You’re just overstimulated.  His first girlfriend would get so overstimulated, he wasn’t allowed to touch her after sex.

I’m exhausted, in my heart, right now, but I trust it’ll get better tomorrow when I go back to my routine.  Volunteering.  Work.  The bus.  Change of scene, change of pace, change of theme.

I want to tell someone, to glow to someone, to bask in it with a friend.

3 Comments to “Overstimulated/ March 2010”

  1. I know that feeling, to be honest. The not wanting to be touched after sex because of overstimulation. It’s actually kind of weird. It simulates freefalling in lots of ways, and sometimes the cooling-off period is unbearably long.

    This is such a beautiful, evocative piece. I so look forward to more of your work.


  2. I completely agree with F! This is a very good piece, it evokes a lot of senses in a way that allows the reader to understand what you felt, both through the description and through the memory of their own similar experiences.

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