Excuses, damned excuses

by f

In case the dearth of posts hasn’t put you all up to it, this was a tough week for me. It was a tough week in terms of things that were happening in my life and around me. It was tough because of Tyler Clementi’s suicide. It was tough because I barely had the energy to do anything for a long time.

I’m writing, slowly, and I will post as soon as I can. It’s a slow, painful process, but it will happen. Can I promise I’ll post tomorrow?

I had better, because this is getting disgraceful.

3 Comments to “Excuses, damned excuses”

  1. I’m sure we all understand. I’ve been absent for a while myself, due to illness. I was sure I was going to come back to find a bunch of new posts and comments that would take me forever to catch up on, I even had a dream about talking to you over AIM about it, F!

    Anyone who knows you understands, I’m sure. And anyone who doesn’t surely can understand the way that life itself must often take precedent over the Internet and things going on on the Internet. I look forward to your latest post whenever it gets here.

  2. I was absent, too… take your time to heal.
    I hope you feel better soon…

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