Forget Wyclef, but don’t abandon Haiti

by d
Haiti auction

Image by dlemieux via Flickr

There’s a great entry on the Huffington Post about Haiti, and how its upcoming elections could be game-changing. Haiti was devastated by an earthquake this past January, a near-fatal blow to an already teetering nation.

Actress Maria Bello wants you to know that lots of women are running for office in Haiti, and why that’s important.

The national elections are at the end of November and the truth is this: If more women win seats in Congress and Senate, it will change the political game in Haiti and be a model for other developing nations. A recent World Bank study found that an increase of women in government has been shown to decrease corruption. Other studies are showing that countries that have high percentages of women in leadership positions are more apt to focus on children’s health and education, social justice and economic stability. A case in point is Rwanda post-genocide, which now has the highest percentage of women in the electorate and one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.

I’ve heard this before, about women in government creating and maintaining systems that benefit people on the ground. I call that a very good reason to encourage more women to enter politics.

Now, before you cry ‘hypocrite,’ let me make it clear that I don’t think all these women should be ushered into office regardless of their skills or positions. Hell, we don’t want the Haitian Sarah Palin taking over! No, these women should be vetted like any other candidate. These studies indicate that a higher percentage of women in government will ultimately be beneficial, but that doesn’t mean the system itself should be circumvented.

I highly recommend reading the whole post: Maria Bello: Wyclef’s Out, but Women Are In (VIDEO).

One Comment to “Forget Wyclef, but don’t abandon Haiti”

  1. Oh wow! This is very interesting, I had no idea about those studies. I’m very, very intrigued!

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