Coming Soon: Sister Wives Review

by subterfusex

D and F are watching the first episode of TLC’s Sister Wives, a reality show about a polygamous family.

Yeah, we’ll have plenty to say about that.

4 Comments to “Coming Soon: Sister Wives Review”

  1. There’s a fictional show on some channel (although you can find it online, too) called Big Love about a fictional polygamous family. Sister Wives is billed as a real-life version of it, so I’m guessing both are pro-polygamy.

    • From the little I’d heard, my understanding was Big Love is a stream-lined, sensationalized depiction of not so much a polygamous family, but the polygamous family as the “mainstream American audience” would understand or expect it.
      I’m not saying I think polygamy in general, or polygamy as the few factual depictions/unveilings of it that have been made available (most notably as it is practiced in the FLDS), is good, right, supportive, healthy, or nurturing–to the children, the women (of any and all ages), the young men–in fact from the little I have heard and seen that is factual, that is reliable, I believe that it is … well i could come up with long multi-syllable words to describe the exact ways in which I think it’s harmful, or I can just say I think it’s bad.
      But, to be fair, I don’t expect that every family that is polygamous or polyandrous (although I anticipate there are fewer of the latter) is a shrine to manhood and its superiority over women.
      I’m a bit curious to see what angle this new show will try to show, how and to what extent polygamy functions, as it is a practice of human culture and an example of power dynamics. But, it’s reality tv. Reality tv is about as real as a hostess cake. It tastes good to many, doesn’t cost much in terms of investment of any kind, and can be sold for a price most people can afford while the company still makes a profit. It has no nutritional value, except when used as a product of our culture in the process of cultural anaylises.

      • I don’t expect the fictional or reality TV depictions to be true to life. I take them as an opportunity to learn more, albeit through someone else’s lens.

        And that is an EXCELLENT description of reality TV.

      • I haven’t seen Big Love, either, so I don’t know what it is about. I was going to watch it, but I’ve been lazy. Although, if they’re going to show it from the standpoint of what the mainstream American audience thinks about polygamy, then it ought to be depicting a marital situation which is bad. I don’t know of any polls to support this, but it’s my understanding that most of America dislikes the very idea or mention of polygamy. But, Sister Wives does bill itself as a real-life Big Love. It’s in their own commercials. :p And, from what I have heard so far of the snippets they show us, it sounds like they’re wanting he mainstream audience to watch it and see that there is nothing wrong with polygamy when it is a chosen lifestyle, rather than a forced one. For them to consider it a real-life Big Love, I figured it must have some pretty large similarities and that would be a large one. But, maybe not. :p

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