On friendship — an update.

by f

We’ve been pretty busy here at Subterfuge. Certain Ds have been overwhelmed by work. And F has been working on something that’s making her tear her hair out. The creative process is a bitch.

We hate it when we skip days. Yesterday, WordPress.com late-night outage prevented us from posting. Today we’re both tired. Tomorrow is another day and all of that.

But exciting things are happening. Our lives are moving forward. Another day is lived.

We leave you with a beautiful quote on friendship and bonding. It’s something sweet for the weekend, like a good candy to be savored.


The pleasure of your company is a many-sided affair. It includes the pleasure of seeing you, the pleasure of hearing you talk, the drama of watching your actions, your likes and dislikes and adventures; the pleasure of hunting you up in your haunts, and the delicate flattery we feel when you hunt us up in ours. We mean all of this and more when we say that we find you ‘congenial’.

Congeniality, when once established between two kindred spirits or in a group, is the most carefree of human relationships. It is effortless, like purring. It is a basic theme in friendship.

– Frances Lester Warner

One Comment to “On friendship — an update.”

  1. I’m sure everyone understands that technical issues out of your control sometimes come up. Technology is great, but only when it works. ^_~

    And, of course, life takes precedent, as well! I’m sure everyone understands this, too. 🙂

    I absolutely love that quote, it’s awesome. And so true. 🙂 Very sweet!!

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