annoying women, 7/02/09

by f

from flickr via user lumaxart

My mother has a lot of friends and they talk a great deal. I hear them and I wonder whether womanhood can ever be salvaged. I mean, seriously. These people relegate themselves to sub-humanity and they do it while pretending to embrace … (modern?) values.

I say modern because things change all the time; I realize this. But there is something honestly wrong with women when they can justifying leaving their whole crying brood of children at home while standing in line for a three hundred dollar haircut, and then have the temerity to be annoyed, when they come home, to find that they’ve pissed themselves. Never mind that these women could have hired a babysitter, but these are six young children. The husband works million hour days, and will have to continue to work these days if any of these children will have a hope to go to college.

The complaint remains: why did the baby piss herself (diaperless, mind you) on the three thousand dollar Persian? I’m telling you, the wrong kind of people are rewarded, selfishly. Somehow I don’t think people realize that someone is EARNING the money to fund this neglectful woman.

If “modern” means self-responsibility (which is the claim, but not the result) then how come this woman is above taking responsibility for herself?

This is not the only story I can think of, really. I heard my mother pretend to cluck sympathy about a woman who threw a temper tantrum in the airport because her husband didn’t come pick her up on time. Never mind that he was a doctor, his patient was on the operating table, and he offered to have a friend come get her and take her to her house in comfort. (This is because I know the friend; he owns a Bentley.) Apparently the two-week separation was too much for her. She cried and threw a tantrum. She had to be sedated.

We excuse a lot in others. A little too much. I guess as a society we can’t do much, but at the very least we can stop listening or say (as gently as we have to) to shut. the fuck. up.

2 Comments to “annoying women, 7/02/09”

  1. *jaw drop* Tell me you’re kidding. Please?

    Let the record show that spoiling people is NEVER a good idea.

    • I completely agree, D. This was my reaction, as well. I really cannot wrap my mind around how this can be a reality, really. I mean, to me, this is the sort of thing that you watch on television for entertainment because it is so far removed from reality that it’s funny in a ridiculous “would never happen” sort of way. The fact that this actually happens has left me very disturbed…

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