New CO Supreme Court Justice Is An Out Lesbian

by V
Monica Marquez

via Law Week

The newest person to ascend to the Colorado Supreme Court is an out lesbian. She is also a member of a minority ethnic group. None of these things stopped her from making it to the Supreme Court of Colorado, though, and I think we should all take a moment to take note of her achievement.

It isn’t easy for minorities to get ahead, but here Monica Maria Marquez has made it to such a prestigious position at a young age despite being a member of at least two minority groups. It’s a good lesson for all women to learn. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what obstacles you think are in your way or society would have you believe are impossible to overcome, you CAN overcome them and you can make it to whatever position you want to make it to. That is, after all, the American Dream. You can be whatever you want to be, everyone has a shot. It’s up to you to get yourself there despite any obstacles put in your path. Shattering that glass ceiling for women is not impossible, and we’re seeing that more than ever.

“Today I am pleased to select Deputy Attorney General Monica Marquez to serve on Colorado’s highest court,” Gov. Ritter said. “Monica is an analytical and independent thinker. She has a wealth of personal and professional experiences, and a deep reverence for the role our legal system plays in the everyday lives of Coloradans, and in the inter-relationship between our courts and public policy. She respects the rule of law, is conscientious and will bring an unbiased and just perspective to the court and all the cases that it hears.

There wasn’t a lot of fuss made about her sexuality, but it is no secret that she’s an out lesbian. While part of me wishes more was made of her sexuality, I can understand why it wasn’t and why it didn’t need to be. Ms. Marquez is not just a lesbian. She is not just a woman. She is not just an Hispanic. She is a human being with emotions and concerns and weaknesses and strengths. That is what is really important.

She was appointed to this position based on her merits, abilities, and track record thus far. The fact that she is a woman, that is a lesbian, and that she is Hispanic are important to note, but they should not take away from her personal achievement as a whole person. Her sex, sexual orientation, and ethnicity are important parts of her, but they are not the whole person. They are parts that make up a whole.

I long for a time when everyone will understand. We are getting closer. Can you feel it? I can. It makes me giddy, just as much as it makes me worry that something might show up to throw a monkey wrench into the cogs and slow us down again.

Marquez leads the State Services Section of the Attorney General’s Office, which represents nine of the 16 executive branch agencies in Colorado. She specializes in appellate litigation and has represented the state, in both state and federal appellate courts, in cases involving fiscal policy, education, healthcare, elections, redistricting and campaign finance.

Marquez obviously wasn’t plucked out of nowhere, which actually is another testament to her capability for where she is now headed. She has proven herself capable and worthy and so she was appointed.

Congratulations, Ms. Marquez! I’m sure that you will serve the people of Colorado on their Supreme Court to the best of your ability.

Let those shards from the glass ceiling that was recently shattered, again, fall like confetti. Don’t be afraid of cutting yourself; the only way that you can do that is by not trying at all.

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