Back from India

by f

Last week I went to India for my grandfather’s funeral. The rites are still going on and will stop only on Wednesday, the thirteenth day after his death.

Now that I’m back I realize how acute my vertigo is. I’m dizzy because of the sudden lack of external stimulation.

I have so much to tell you all. I have learned nothing about the man I was supposed to mourn but I’ve learned a lot about many other things. I’ve learned about thwarted and colorful dreams. I’ve heard about one forbidden romance — and caught the other in the act. I learned some thrilling things about my family history. I am at my wits end with W’s sister and her wedding. A (female) pimp tried to pick me up without my knowing it.

I fell in love with a woman.

This and more coming up, one at a time.

For now, though, I’m too tired to talk. I got off the plane mere hours ago, and the idiot who sat in front of me had it in for my knees.

One Comment to “Back from India”

  1. I’m so glad that you’re back, F! I’m sorry that your trip to India had to be on such a somber note, and that some very…odd things happened (the pimp thing especially). I am — as I’m sure many here are — looking forward to hearing more from you about this trip and all of the things that happened (forbidden romances sound interesting!) during your stay in India. I’m sorry for the loss of your grandfather, despite the fact that you really didn’t know him. *HUG*

    And, of course, welcome back!

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