Gratuitous Man Pics: Daren Kagasoff

by d


You’re about to be inducted into a fan club that, until now, was only for those silly or masochistic enough to watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

This is Daren Kagasoff. He plays Ricky, the guy who knocked up the titular American Teenager. His character starts out as a highly suspect, Grade A jerk, but has morphed into one of the sanest, most responsible characters on the show.

And, all the while, Kagasoff has portrayed him perfectly. Nearly every other actor, from Molly Ringwald to Francia Raisa, has had moments where they sound forced or cheesy. Kagasoff’s Ricky began on shaky ground, but now he has the character down. When Ricky is on screen, I am looking at Ricky, not Kagasoff. I am able to truly believe that this is more than a character, he is a person who has a life when he’s not on screen. He has strong convictions, his own moral code, deeply held fears and desires.

And by GOD, the man is sexy.

Most recently, he and Amy (the girl he knocked up) have been moving toward starting a relationship. When he looks at her, you have one of those, “I wish he were looking at ME that way,” moments.

He is, in short, the best actor on the show. I would peg him as one of the best on the whole farking network. I am dying for him to graduate from family-friendly TV to a grown up network (or, gasp!, cable) where he can show us some sexy, sexy on-screen love-making.

Luckily for us, Kagasoff did a Calvin Klein photo shoot a while back. If you’re still reading, make sure you check out his jaw and chin, his eyes, and his fantastic chest.

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Your welcome, Subterfugettes.

3 Comments to “Gratuitous Man Pics: Daren Kagasoff”

  1. Oh wow, where’s my fire extinguisher?? He’s HOT and I’m on FIRE. *fans self* Thank Deity for Calvin Klein….dayum…

    I agree, I hope that soon he’ll graduate from family television and move on to something else, somewhere that we can see more skin, real on-screen love scenes, real plot and character development (as opposed to character devolving plots), serious material…oh my…where’s the fire extinguisher again? I’m having hot flashes just thinking about all the possibilities…

    • He really, REALLY is yummeh… Mmm… I think he’d be excellent with some more compelling material, but he turns this drivel into something compelling.

      Come, lets go sit in the freezer for a while…

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