Ballot measure to ban abortion in Colorado

by V

This is ridiculous! I hope that this ballot also gets shot down in the voting booths. but damn

DENVER – A ballot measure that would ban abortions in every circumstance goes before Colorado voters this fall. And on Tuesday, opponents and supporters of the so-called ‘Personhood Amendment’ squared off at the State Capitol.

“Amendment 62 is dangerous,” Vicki Cowart of Planned Parenthood told a large crowd gathered on the west steps of the Capitol. “It eliminates a woman’s right to make personal, private decisions about her body and her health.”

“This deeply personal and painful moral decision is best left to a woman,” said Rev. Dawn Riley Duval of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, “And her doctor…and God!” she shouted to loud applause.

“We consider this to be the civil rights issue of our century really,” said Amendment 62 backer Gualberto Garcia Jones, who is director of Personhood Colorado.”

Amendment 62 would grant fertilized human eggs a full spectrum of legal rights. Its authors claim opponents are using “scare tactics” from what they call ” abortion profiteers.”

“We’re talking about a fundamental issue here, and that’s the humanity of the child,” said Jones. “There are many, many difficult circumstances before birth and after birth, and none of those change the fundamental fact that a human being is a person and we should treat everyone the same.”

Colorado voters shot down a similar proposal in 2008 by a three to one margin. But Colorado senate and gubernatorial candidates Ken Buck, Dan Maes and Tom Tancredo have all expressed support for the latest measure.

“This is a distraction that would cost Coloradans time and money when we should be focusing on creating jobs and re-vitalizing our economy,” said Fofi Mendez of the No on 62 Coalition.

Some 50 Colorado organizations have signed resolutions to fight the proposed amendment. Two years ago, the two sides spent about $2 million in a similar fight.

This latest measure would also ban emergency contraception like the so-called “morning after” pill, as well as abortion in the case of rape or incest.

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… how is this even LEGAL?

How can they ban something statewide that is a federally protected right? Which is the right to choose. Why is this even being entertained? Why has someone in current power not put a stop to this?’

If this DOES get passed, I hope that someone successfully takes this all the way to the Supreme Court and has it overturned.

Perhaps the authors of this ballot initiative WANT someone to do that. Maybe they think that the Supreme Court is conservative enough at the moment to allow such a bill and set a whole new precedent on abortion laws on the federal and the state levels. I hope that that is not possible, that they’re overestimating. But the SCOTUS gives me no faith. They have come up with rulings that nobody had ever thought possible (ie, the corporate personhood ruling that allows corporations to send rivers of money to political candidates for elections.

Nobody has ever tried to legalize forced abortion in the US, but you wouldn’t know it by the way the anti-choicers talk. I hope that the voters in Colorado have enough sense to vote this down by a landslide.

I almost wish I lived in Colorado right now so that I could add my vote to the “no fucking damned way” votes on Amendment 62.

I want to move to Colorado one day, but that won’t happen for the foreseeable future. To me, this is just as disheartening as it was to find out about that ridiculous abortion law that was passed in MO recently — which I do NOT remember voting on or hearing about until AFTER it happened.

The fact that we’re still having to fight so hard to keep our reproductive health and freedom is completely asinine.

9 Comments to “Ballot measure to ban abortion in Colorado”

  1. How typical. The people screaming the loudest about the “evils” of abortion are usually the least likely to get pregnant or have babies. The anti-abortion movement was started by sexist male doctors scared of the competition they received from midwives.

    Humanity of the child? What about the humanity of the woman who has to be pregnant with it for over half a year, and possibly act as the child’s lifelong caretaker?

    If anti-abortion people really wanted to prevent the number of abortions, they should support birth-control— which would prevent many unwanted pregnancies!

    Great article, as always, V.

    • I totally agree, Roxy! There’s A LOT that we could do as a society that would prevent unwanted pregnancies (and therefore abortions) and the starting point is to more actively promote birth control for both sexes and the responsibility on BOTH partners to have and use it, and to make it more readily available, as well as to lower the ages by federal law (rather than leaving it up to states, counties or just “company policies” for establishments that sell it — such as convenience stores and drug stores) for when you are allowed to purchase the birth control. I have a friend who works at a convenience store in the South who can’t sell condoms to 15 year olds, which doesn’t stop them from having sex it just simply ensures that someone ELSE might buy the condoms for them OR they will have unsafe sex if they can find no one to buy it for them. Comprehensive sex education in classrooms, starting as soon as possible, would also be great. But, everyone’s too upset over their own sensibilities being compromised at the thought of such things. These things do not PROMOTE sex to anyone who would not have sex anyway, they just provide the information for these people to be SAFE. Even grown women and men sometimes have misconceptions about safe sex. This is absurd and almost COMPLETELY preventable.

  2. AUGH. This ’embryo as full person with rights’ idea is a play to emotions, it completely ignores rationality and fact.

    As you say, V, no one is FORCING anyone to have an abortion! Groups that perform it or support the right to choose don’t even go around badgering people. They advise based on circumstances, and many have a strict policy of not advising, just giving information.

    And isn’t it interesting that the same people who want the government to be smaller and less intrusive are always for inserting the government into sexual and reproductive matters?

    • It’s not at all surprising, it’s par for the course. What those people are really saying is that we don’t want the government to be involved in matters that OUR GROUP did not approve. Anyone else be damned.

      I agree, it’s just a play on emotions, but the only emotions it evokes from me is anger, disbelief, irritation, and disrespect for these people who are obviously disrespecting ME, my rights, my privacy, my intelligence in general, and those of other people like me.

      An embryo is not a person because it cannot hear, feel, see, touch, cry, THINK, or anything else that makes up whether a person is a person or not. An embryo is not YET a person. It is a potential person. But, that shouldn’t afford it the same rights as anyone else. If shape and potential alone made a person, then was the statue of David considered a real, live, living person with the potential for life through divine intervention or some act of magic/sorcery? Was that statue given the same rights as living, real people? I doubt it. And that looks more human than an embryo does.

  3. In Colorado, they’re so desperate to defund stem cell research, that they attack abortion legislation as a way of demanding “personhood” rights for an embryo.

    Personhood rights for an embryo devalue a mother’s life because they presume a greater importance for an underdeveloped organism than they do for a grown woman. How sick.

    • This whole thing is infuriating. I think the point D made, of so-called supporters of small government being the same people who push for government involvement in sexual and reproductive matters (not to mention the definition and recognition of personal relationships… can you spell “Prop 8”?), is key. Don’t they also oppose giving power to “special interest” groups–which THEY ARE, just like HRC and ACLU and countless others who try to expand legal protections to fully developed human beings who are currently not protected under the law? Why on Earth should a zygote, embryo, or fetus take precedent when it comes to the granting of legal protections?

      • Oppression. The only people you oppress when you take away reproductive rights such as abortion…are women. Like, Roxy mentioned above the majority of the people who are screaming about how terrible abortion is tend to be people who never have to worry about becoming pregnant. The mother doesn’t matter in the face of a lump of meat, essentially. Which is a very crude way of putting it, but you get my point. A /potential/ human being should not take precedent over an /actual/ human being. They purposely distort these things, though. They’ve (anti-choicers in general) got a video that’s been making the rounds for ages that implies very heavily and even states that fetuses (which science says has no capability of feeling or awareness or anything else that should qualify you as a human) have feelings and are afraid during abortions and try to get out of the way. It flies in the face of logic, common sense, and actual science, but they know it tugs on heart strings. Especially the heart strings of people who aren’t aware of the science and logic that completely debunks such claims as that video’s.

        Anti-choicers are probably always going to try to take reproductive rights away from women. By giving out misinformation, outright lies, to scare you into agreeing with them and even get women to fight against their own rights. That’s the saddest of all, if you ask me. It actually embarrasses me, rather than just makes me sad or angry, when I see women fighting against abortion rights. I think of them as duped and gullible to have believed the rhetoric and scare tactics of the anti-choice crowd. And to be so easily swayed to abandon logic, common sense, and science to fight against my own rights and all other women is…well…pathetic, if you ask me.

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