Think about the money, honey.

by d
23.365 - Money

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Every week, I go to the allergist for shots, to beat down my body’s hyperactive response to things like pollen. The shots are working.

But this past week my health insurance hit its maximum limit. So now I have to pay $40 out of pocket, every week, until January. That’s multiple hours of work to pay for one treatment.

This happened last year, too. In fact, it happened insanely quickly. I started with this insurance in May, and I’d hit the limit before fall was over.

The state of medical insurance in the United States is a horrific mess. For me, it’s yet one more factor contributing to my negative cash flow.

I have student loans to pay, as well as health insurance premiums, which doesn’t include medications, and I have to fund personal outings. I am damn lucky that my parents are wonderful and we get along, else I’d be paying rent, utilities and food as well.

I don’t have steady work. This temp job is the longest contract I’ve had in ages. The economy blows. Contrary to what a disturbing number of fiscal conservatives would have you believe, I can’t get a job just by applying myself. I’ve done that. I’m a good candidate, with a degree and skills that can be applied in a myriad of ways. I know I can do the work. But no one can afford to hire anyone, at all. Even as the economy loosens up, there are still way more people competing for each position–and all but one of us is dreadfully disappointed.

Do I apply for every single job out there? No. Should I? No. I have no experience waiting tables, and plenty of other people do, many of whom need it even more than I do. Let them shoot for that one. Likewise, I’m not qualified to be a plumber, or a systems analyist. I would only be wasting time for the hiring manager.

I do apply for everything I think I have a shot at. I widened my search almost immediately after the Great Bubble Bursting. I left school with a focus. Now I will take anything tangentially related.

In the meantime, my bank account sits. The balance changes in fits and starts, an afternoon in town eats away at it. A project replaces some. Each month the bills drain the life from it.

I feel paralyzed. I cannot walk out my door and seize a passing job for my very own. I tread water and I hope.

2 Comments to “Think about the money, honey.”

  1. You know that it is no exaggeration when I say that I know exactly how you feel. 😦 Us poor quacks.

  2. I’m so sorry that things are working badly for you, but I know and you know that you aren’t the only one. Fiscal conservatives love to say that people are just being lazy, so if we cut their unemployment and such things, it’ll give them an incentive to try harder. I don’t know what fantasy world these people are getting Earth and the US mixed up with, but they need to come back and take a look at what is really going on.

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