A beautiful country house.

by f

from digsdigs.com

a subrosa entry from july 10, 2007

I had a dream last night that I built a beautiful country house.

The windows are large and have pointed arches, like old Mughal tombs. As a matter of fact, the whole place is a stone fortress, protecting me from outside politics, from dust, from heat and from everything. A large window provides me with a very tantalizing glimpse of the outside, the outskirts of the village and the tops of brick huts as they gleam in the sunset.

The rooms inside are sometimes light airy, and sometimes cool and dark. They are filled only with air, but every now and then there is a beautiful piece of furniture: an apt chair, a rug that looks like it belongs. A double bed, the two mattresses joined at the hip. The site of battle or of peace.

There are doors that lead to more doors, and the house is never-ending. It is my sanctuary; it even requires a heavy pilgrimage… a crowded train, and an auto ride with a dozen others… but it’ll be worth it. I know that it will be my center of spotlessness in the midst of city filth. It is a place I can go to when there is nowhere else to go.

I woke up this morning with an insatiable hunger to build. Already I have drawn up plans for a house I might never be able to afford. I start earning sometime in the distant future, after all my schooling is done. It’s love, but between a creator and that which is being created. I see it. Room after room after room. It would be twice the size of Eighty.

When I have a family, when I have children, I will bring them here and spend time with them. I will read with them, garden with them, cook for them. I will play cards with them and watch the sun as it sets in that non-vaasthu window.

At the end of the day I will lie down in sheets so soft that they will bruise my back with a hundred kisses. And then I will wake up in peace, for the first time in my life… at least, that I can remember.

One Comment to “A beautiful country house.”

  1. This is awesome, F! I can definitely see this and I like the feelings that this conjured for me. Very well done. *sigh* And just a random thought out of nowhere: Oh for it to be 2007 again…I miss that year…I miss it a lot…I wish that I could just repeat that year over and over and over again. It was the last full year I spent with my grandfather, before he died.

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