A Girl Crush: Vidya Balan

by f

Vidya Balan

The first time I saw her was in Parineeta; even when I was fifteen she irritated me. Yet I thought that she was soft and pretty and could do much better in another role. I grew to watch her in other capacities — like in Guru, which I was forced to watch because a family friend wanted to see it — but I was never satisfied with her as an actress. She’s a beautiful woman and she’s got one of the most expressive faces I’ve ever seen. I wanted her to can her annoying mannerisms (the ding-a-linging … there’s no other way for me to describe how I feel when I see her, she reminds me of a very proper-mannered bobble head doll) and accept something menacing. She’s got a good facade and I love people who remember never to follow through on their facades. In Ishqiya, she seems to more than fulfill her promise. By the time you managed to get past her alluring smile, solid body and breathtaking curves, she’s planted a gun to your skull and now you’re screaming for your mother, darn it.

She stole the show for me. She was equal parts sweet and fuck- I’m-crazy. In Ishqiya wore very simple, colorful clothes. They cling to her body so well. (And why shouldn’t they? I’d cling to her if I could.)

If you view the movie with her as its center, it suddenly becomes a very compelling story of a woman who waited her turn and then got everything she wanted. I recommend the movie, and I recommend her in it. But don’t watch Vidya Balan movies trying to find this version of her again. It won’t happen. She’s not looking for an “image change”.

It’s too bad. I’ve never seen anything sexier than her “chutiyam sulfates.”

3 Responses to “A Girl Crush: Vidya Balan”

  1. Great post, F! I love the expressiveness with this piece, I can certainly see what you see in her, even without looking at the picture. 🙂

  2. I have seen Ishqiya thrice .. its a fantastic fantastic movie


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