D’s Travel List, circa 2004

by d

The coolest way to make a packing list. Mine is not this cool.

Tomorrow, I leave for a work training conference in… Utah. I didn’t pick it, that’s where it is.

Lucky for me, my mother is one of the most organized people on the planet. Years ago she made up some travel lists for each of us. This was very important, as I was eight years old and we were going overseas for several weeks. These lists are still in use, with modifications.

My most recent copy is from 2004. Here are some highlights:

  • Emery board (That has my mother written all over it.)
  • Hat (Also my mother, I hate hats.)
  • School ID (I’m not in school anymore.)
  • IPod [sic]
  • Charger
  • Batteries (Holdover from the discman days, why wasn’t this deleted?)
  • $$$
  • Retainer Box (Uh, I know that was a hopeful lie.)
  • Camera
  • FILM!!!! (WOW! Remember when cameras still used film!?)
  • Floppies (Holy shitmonkeys. Remember the time before thumb drives?!)
  • Ear gel (For the second holes in my ears that have since closed up.)

Wow, that is a blast from the past. Clearly I did not prune that list very well on the last iteration.

Assuming I’m not stranded and bored, the next time I post, I will be in Utah!

2 Comments to “D’s Travel List, circa 2004”

  1. That picture /is/ adorable.

    Wouldn’t that be a fantastic art project — doing the same? Problem is, I can’t draw for beans.
    Oh well…

  2. Lol! Interesting list, thar, D! :p Wow, I remember camera film! And floppies! I, uh…actually…still use my discman…o.O Wow. I need to figure out where I put my mp3 player. :p

    Good luck in Utah! Have a nice trip and a nice experience! And…don’t get eaten by the crazy fundamentalist Christians! o.o; *issobad*

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