Does No One Try Anymore

by d


Mingle2 informed me that someone wanted to meet me. Warily, I clicked.

He’s a 52 year old divorcee who’s learning to use the computer, oh, and his kids live at home. Way to go, dude, hitting on a woman half your age. I bet your kids will appreciate that.

Then I saw that I had some messages. With trepidation, I opened them.


Message Two: Has a photo which looks kind of promising. Age is 27, good, good.

how r u?

His profile says he’s an attorney.

I don’t get this shit. Are men trying to strike out? I have here the unholy triumverate of Online Dating Instant Fails: The Disturbingly Old Man, THE CAP MAN, and th ilitr8.

Does anyone respond to these? Ever? If you do, stop. Just stop. You’re making life harder for everyone else.

These men are saying, “I am indiscriminate. I haven’t taken the time to learn how to use this, or to make myself appealing. I never even considered what YOU want.”

If you respond to them, your reply is, “I have incredibly low standards. Please date me.”

Never, ever respond to these. You do yourself no favors. Whoever you are, you deserve better. Everyone deserves better than this.

If you see yourself in these men, please stop doing what you’re doing. You are turning people off. You are probably repulsing people you might otherwise get along with.

Rule #1 for online dating: Show that you read the profile of the person you’re contacting.

Please, don’t be an asshole. Online dating shouldn’t make you despair before you go on a single date.

2 Comments to “Does No One Try Anymore”

  1. Wow, that’s really pathetic. I definitely agree, that’s not trying. I wouldn’t have responded, either.

  2. FAIL.
    Human being FAIL.

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