Secret Life: When did sanity show up to this party!?

by d

Subterfuge continues its ongoing monitoring of the train wreck that is The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Season 3, Episode 10: “My Girlfriend’s Back.”


I made it through a whole episode of Secret Life without wanting to smack the living sense into someone!!!!

It was just teenagers being idiot teenagers! No one was a truly terrible person! No one plumbed new depths of sexism or racism! It was actually–*gasp* sweet, and reassuring!

Just so we’re all up to date:

Ben has decided he’s going to marry Adrian. Cuz he’s an idiot. He’s probably doing it to screw with Amy and Ben. He is forgetting that Adrian will not want to marry him. (But I’m thinking of Original Adrian, not Convenient For Writers and Ratings Adrian.)

Ricky flew to NY to visit Amy. (I swear, this show moves like molasses. She’s only been there for two weeks.) They talked, they kissed, but mostly they talked, like friends. Good things happening there. And Ricky is definitely way into her.

There was a really cute moment when Grace and Grant realized they’d both been to MedCamp at the same time but never crossed paths. I like him more and more.

Oh, and poor Griffin, the lone gay character for a good long while, had found another gay guy. This guy is weird. He was certain his parents would shun him… then his dad, on his own, came and made a very touching speech about how he is totally ok with it. And yet he still doesn’t want to be out publicly. So, rather than go to a party where no one knows him and knows no one, with Griffin, on a date, he brings this blonde girl with him. This kid needs to get his act together.

But, if this girl turns into a regular… yow, I will have to hate the guy who brought her.

One Comment to “Secret Life: When did sanity show up to this party!?”

  1. Lol, wow. Don’t be fooled, they’re just doing this to throw you off so that you’ll let your guard down and then your brain will implode during an upcoming episode where things get weirder than ever!

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