We’ve lost a shining star

by subterfusex

Our hearts reach out to the Indian Homemaker, one of our dearest friends on the blogosphere. Her daughter Tejaswee passed away on August 11th from dengue fever.

We here at Subterfuge Magazine want to help her in any way we can. If the Indian Homemaker decides that she and her husband would like to start a scholarship in her name, we pledge to do everything we can to fundraise.

Tejaswee Rao was a very smart and caring young woman whose future was hers for the taking. Her brightness bursts from each and every post on her excellent blog. She showed a sensitivity to issues and caring far beyond her years. She is a shining example for young womanhood, and we are deeply sad to hear that she has left us so soon. We mourn her because she had so much left to give us.

When we say that the future of women is important, it starts with people like Tejaswee. She espouses the spirit of our message here at Subterfuge.

When we read her letter to her future daughter we feel her warmth and compassion when it came to the years ahead of her.  We know that when you do, you will see the best of what the future has to offer us … and though she might not be there to see it, it will because of others like her that our future looks so wonderful.

Our thoughts are with her parents and family.

Rest in peace, Tejaswee.


your editors at Subterfuge

4 Comments to “We’ve lost a shining star”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about this. 😦 My heart and thoughts also go out to her family and friends. I am always sad to hear about such things happening, especially to people who are young, have their whole lives ahead of them, and have so much yet to give to their communities and the world in general. She will be missed, even by those who never knew of her, because the world can always use more people like her.

  2. RIP Tejaswee and we are all with IHM in whatever we can do to make Tejaswee’s dreams come true!

  3. Yes, IHM we are here…

  4. I am sorry for their loss… if the family decides to make a scholarship page, I’ll spread the link around. Tejaswee sounds like an amazing person.

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