NaBloPoMo July–Success!

by subterfusex

We are officially NaBloPoMo winners! National Blog Posting Month is a challenge to post every single day during a given month, inspired by NaNoWriMo. As a way of forcing ourselves to maintain momentum, we signed up for July.

We suspected it would be the two of us, D and F, hastily posting ‘Oops, sorry’ posts at ten to midnight, only to give up halfway through the month. Instead, amazing things have happened.

The Peeps, they make us happy. Political affiliation not withstanding. // via Flickr user VictoriaBernal

We have over 2000 hits for the month, which is wonderful for a teensy little start-up. We made 87 posts, averaging almost three posts per day. We have a solid stable of contributors, with more in the pipeline. Questions are being asked and debate is happening in the comments. We are ecstatic at how far we have come in such a short time.

For all that, we never really addressed the NaBloPoMo theme for July, which is “saved.” So lets open up the comments and take a crack at everything a word like ‘saved’ can imply.

Here’s to an even more excellent August!

4 Comments to “NaBloPoMo July–Success!”

  1. Saved? Hm. Most of the things I think of are rather mundane. Pertaining to women, there’s always the sexist man saves woman from….herself? :p Oh, wait, or the big bad whoever that she spends all of her time screaming and running away from to fall down on the ground so that Hero has time to show up and save her. Because, you know, women have no balance and can’t take care of themselves in the slightest and have no sense. :p Supposedly. Joking aside, though, I can’t think of much at the moment. I am made of fail today. 😦

  2. Cooool thats great.. keep going.

  3. V, you forget the real reason why we fall over: we all wear high heels. Because real women wear high heels. Only bull-dykes wear comfortable or otherwise-flat shoes. Right?

    My first association to “saved” was Born Again Christians fighting to convert us heathens. But that’s just because I’m Jewish and have a cousin who would probably love to “save” me.

    • Oh, I know what you mean. Those power pumps, right? :p I prefer not to risk breaking my ankle each day, I’ll walk on flat shoes. :p But, that’s just me. But, I do know what you mean. I heard once that high heels were invented by an English king (whom I’ve forgotten the name of now, of course –; ) to keep women from running away. But, that might be total bunk. It wouldn’t surprise me if it were true, though! Too bad we adapt so well.

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